5 fun and educational games for children

Gaming can be educational as well as entertaining. Want to know what some of the best educational games are? Then we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best out there.

Video games today offer captivating plot lines, gorgeous visuals, and top-notch sound effects. Younger and younger children are now playing video games because they’re so simple to understand and play. Not all video games are appropriate for young players. As a parent, you’ll want your children to enjoy the game and hopefully learn something along the way.


Scratch is unique because it doubles as a graphical programming language and a tool for teaching kids how to code using block-based concepts. It has some of the best instructive video games for younger children. 

Children can learn various programming languages, which are more complex than others. The programming language used by Scratch is one of the easiest to learn for complete beginners.

It’s creative design and ease of use is perfect for kids of all ages, especially younger ones who wish to begin learning to code. They’re introduced to programming in a friendly and entertaining way. 

Animal Jam 

The award-winning virtual playground, Animal Jam, was developed in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. By incorporating games, conferences, virtual networking features, and expeditions, it educates players about the environment and biology. It’s among the largest virtual environments for young people, claiming nearly 160 million members.  

The parental settings are solid and lets you download content for offline play if you have concerns about online gaming. 


In this writing adventure game, the protagonist Maxwell is tasked with completing his journey and gathering tiny yellow stars known as Starites. Kids may exercise their imagination as they use their wits, language, and problem-solving skills to navigate each level. Each level in Scribblenauts is a free-form puzzle. The assignment may be as straightforward as picking up a Starite from a tree or as tricky as navigating crocodile-infested waters and evading werewolves.  

If you think a garden gnome, a stegosaurus, a blob, or even a swede will aid Maxwell, you can type these in as well, and they’ll show in-gam as the Scribblenauts lexicon has over 22,000 terms. Whatever you envision is realised on screen.


You can build a world where players can explore, gather materials, make tools, and engage in light battles in Minecraft. The game offers a variety of modes, including survival, inventive, quest, stadium, and collaboration, giving players various ways to play. Minecraft gives its players more than just the ability to be creative and self-sufficient. 

Parents reported that their children read about biomes and learnt about distributing resources, calculating rations for adventures, and time management to get better at playing the game. 

Kerbal Space Program 

This space simulation game tasks players with building a rocket that will hopefully take off into space. It has been designed with realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics for accuracy.

If your ship successfully makes it into space your Kerbals can then explore the solar system, and build space stations and bases.

It even got attention from NASA itself.

With various game modes and plenty of tech and Kerbals to unlock there is plenty of scope for gamers to learn the ropes and explore the solar system.


We’ve provided you with a short list of the best educational games but there are plenty more out there!

Posted on 6th Dec 2022 by Dan

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