4 Main Benefits of Gaming for Children

It’s natural to be concerned about the effects of video games on your children. But it’s actually good for them. Keep reading!

When it comes to children playing video games, there are numerous concerns which come up for families. Some children can get addicted to gaming, unable to put the controller down or switch to different games, others can undergo mood shifts during gaming sessions. Similarly, kids can get so focused that they are entirely engrossed in their video games. However, there are certain benefits as well. Though many parents worry about it, not all games are bad for kids’ development. Children can learn interactively through a variety of games. They assist in improving and educating kids about a range of skills.

Online video gaming among friends is a very popular activity for kids nowadays. These findings suggest that kids who play video games regularly may be more socially cohesive with their peers. We advise against over-interpretation, though, as Katherine M. Keyes, assistant professor at Columbia, said, “Setting restrictions on screen usage remains a crucial component of parental responsibility as an overall strategy for student achievement”.

Here is the list of positive effects of online gaming on children:

  1. Creativity And Problem-solving Abilities:

Children are challenged to think creatively as games like Legend of Zelda feature more complex puzzles for gamers. To progress through the game, the player needs to search, navigate, and plan their next moves using various strategies. Other video games, including “Bakugan: Defenders of the Core” also offer planning and problem-solving mechanics. The extremely popular game Minecraft invites users to use “moulding” features to alter the appearance of their characters.

Players can create new levels and even planets and prompt children to express themselves creatively.

  1. Reading:

Some studies have shown that children who play video games may develop improved reading skills. This is also true for children who face difficulty with reading itself. This correlation is because children feel encouraged to read text-based instructions more carefully when invested and enjoying their favourite video games.

Similarly, in deciding which video game to play next, children are likely to research games on blogs, review websites or online forums.

  1. Teamwork

Online gaming has almost become the default nowadays. It brings players from various parts of the world together and motivates children to play with others. Kids will learn to collaborate with others and solve challenges as a team.

This aids in developing beneficial decision-making abilities in practical sectors like athletics or medicine where making important decisions in the heat of the moment is frequently required.

  1. Enhanced Hand Dexterity

Game controllers are great for your hands. For example, in a study of 33 surgeons at Beth Israel Medical Centre in New York, researchers discovered that those who played video games were faster at completing complex surgical procedures. Moreover, this group also made 37% fewer errors than those who didn’t.  Other than providing physical rehabilitation, certain video games have also helped stroke patients to regain control of their arms and hands according to a study by the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Therefore, if your child is playing video games, you shouldn’t be concerned because it has some real benefits. However, make sure to supervise them and set boundaries for game time.

Posted on 29th Nov 2022 by Dan

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