5 Most Child-Friendly Gaming Streamers

Want your kids to enjoy watching their favourite YouTube gamers but not entirely sure on where to go for child-friendly gaming content? We have pulled together a list of some of the most popular, child-friendly streamers.

There is no denying that online games are incredibly popular with kids, teenagers, and adults. The newest video games and gaming systems frequently top wish lists, dominate conversations online, at the dinner table and even in schools.

However, it’s natural to have concerns as a parent as with a lot of popular video games there can be some age sensitive content, particularly when it comes to games with themes of violence or online communication/combat. Parents frequently worry about vivid graphics and foul language used in gaming-related content, which is inappropriate for kids and affects their mental well-being and overall behaviour.

Addressing this issue, we have a list of gaming streamers who are very well-suited for kids to watch. However, you may still need to double-check their streams from time-to-time, to remain updated on the content your child is consuming.

Below are top 5 Child-friendly Streamers in the gaming industry:

1. Paul Soares Jr.

Paul understands the value of sharing kid-friendly YouTube material because he’s a parent. Kids may access these Minecraft tutorials on YouTube without being exposed to coarse language or sensitive material.

He uses words and jokes/references with great care. His approachable and supportive demeanour will assist your kid in playing Minecraft. For young players of the game, Soares has a YouTube channel.

Paul demonstrates to his viewers how to use tools and navigate around various maps while he plays Minecraft.

2. FalseSymmetry

Most people in the Youtube Gaming community are familiar with FalseSymmetry.

She never swears or speaks crudely. She primarily collaborates with other enthusiastic Minecraft builders on the Hermitcraft server, has a highly approachable and friendly presentation style and creative builds, and is family-friendly.

Making her one of the top gaming content creators, to watch.

3. NickEh30

Nick is a Canadian Fortnite gamer that predominantly plays on YouTube. When it comes to Fortnite edits, his followers will say he’s one of, if not THE best, due to his infectious energy. 

NickEh30 takes pride in being a family-friendly streamer, and he at times will even ask his followers for clarification in chat if he thinks they may have heard someone he’s playing with swearing.

4. EthanGamer

EthanGamer entered YouTube in 2013 when he was just seven years old to share his passion for video games.

Over the past ten years, his over 3 million YouTube fans have grown as they follow his explorations in Roblox, Minecraft, and other games. Kids can relate to EthanGamer since he’s a young gamer who has been playing since he was just a minor on the platform. 

Moreover, children may easily understand and relate to his colloquialism and language.

5. KarinaOMG

Karina gained a massive following as GamerGirl on YouTube after signing up in 2015 to publish vlogs, entertaining DIYs, and product reviews. While most of her content is around Roblox and Minecraft, she has also dabbled in other games like Among Us & Fall Guys.

Karina is a star on her primary channel (linked above) and her other channel, Sis vs Bro.

Now that we’ve given you the top 5, don’t just take our word for it! Head on over and check out their content and judge for yourselves 🙂

We hope this article helps!

Posted on 15th Nov 2022 by Natasha

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