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STEALTH Gaming: A New Era of Gaming Accessories

Welcome to the home of STEALTH Gaming Headsets, the brand first entered the UK market in 2014 and has since developed rapidly, becoming the fastest growing 3rd Party brand for Gaming Headsets in the UK. Providing accessories for both the casual and high – level gamer, STEALTH have a full range of products for all formats including; Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation.

Showcasing the FULL RANGE of XBOX ONE X™ ready gaming XBOX ONE and PS4 Headsets

Our FULL STEALTH SX – Series Gaming Headset range is ready for the most powerful consoles! Perfect for the XBOX ONE X with its powerful 40 mm Speaker Drivers complimenting the full 4K Gaming experience. The STEALTH SX Series is exactly what you need.For example, STEALTH’s SX – 01 Stereo Gaming Headset takes your XBOX gaming to the next level with stylish Stereo Gaming Headset with powerful audio and clear chat sound. Gain control and choice with the SX – 02 Mono Chat Gaming Headset, with this solidly built headset you can expect a powerful 40 mm Speaker Driver ear cup with a soft leatherette ear cushions for ultimate comfort. The impressive SX – 02 Mono Chat Gaming Headset enables you to immerse yourself in gameplay as well as focus on your surroundings.

New Addition’s to the SX – Series!

STEALTH is proud to introduce the latest STEALTH SX Charging range, which includes the incredible powerful STEALTH XBOX ONE Charging Docks and Battery Packs.

So, if you are ready to take your XBOX gaming experience to the next level; then you need to take a look at STEALTH’s SX Series, which includes uniquely fresh designed Stereo Gaming Headsets. Both designs delivers powerful audio and clear chat.

Maintain Vital Communication STEALTH Gaming

XP – Series – Take your Gaming Experience to New Heights

STEALTH’s XP Series is at the heart of gaming; with their Multi-format Gaming Headset Range that offers diversity with STEALTH’s XP Series being inspired by advanced fight jets; promising to take your gaming experience to new heights.

STEALTH’S XP HORNET Multi-format Gaming Headset includes a soft mesh that is located all around the Stereo Gaming Headset as well as on the extendable headband, STEALTH has designed this impeccable headset to enhance your comfort for longer gaming time. With Crisp, Clear audio providing you with the opportunity to experience high quality game sound and strike with pin point accuracy – STRIKE BEFORE YOU ARE SEEN!

Experience Absolute Freedom for Complete Focus with STEALTH Wireless Gaming Headsets

STEALTH’s Gaming’s premium Wireless Stereo Headset; The STEALTH XP – NightHawk has been designed for powerful, immersive Gaming Audio with clear chat that gives you the ultimate freedom with a 10 metre wireless range and removable Mic.

XP – Camo Series – Stand Out From The Rest

STEALTH’s Camouflage Gaming Headsets have a NEW addition to their Squad! Providing you with four uniquely camouflaged designs inspired by important vehicles used in battle over the last century. Versatility and communication are key elements to succeeding in war, which is why – The STEALTH XP Camo Range; Conqueror, Cruiser and Warrior are all Multi-format Gaming Headsets.

As is the NEW STEALTH XP – Raider, which is finished with strong, distinctive pastel colours in a digital print the STEALTH XP – Raider allows you to deliver a stand out performance on the battlefield.

Add a touch of Elegance and Beauty to your Gaming Experience

The STEALTH XP – Raider is not the only brand new Multi-format Gaming Headset that has been introduced to our brand. STEALTH also have the beautifully designed; Rose Gold ABSTRACT Edition and Classic Gold ABSTRACT Edition. These STEALTH Stereo Gaming Headsets are a fashionable force to be reckoned with. The contemporary design includes soft leatherette and over – ear cushions providing any gamer with a premium look and feel for both the XP – Rose Gold ABSTRACT and Classic Gold ABSTRACT Edition.

Both of these breathtakingly designed Stereo Gaming Headsets smoothly transition yourself from a Powerful Gaming Headset to a stylish Audio Headset for everyday use. Remove the mic and listen to your favourite music.

Switching Up

Are you a Gamer on the go?

Desperately needing Nintendo Accessories that makes your life easier?

Well, STEALTH Gaming has the answers with the STEALTH Nintendo Switch Starter Kit and STEALTH EVA Case, which provides protection when you need to take your console anywhere.

Add an extra bit of Joy to your Nintendo Switch Life

With the STEALTH Joy – Con Quad Charger, you can charge up to 4 Joy Cons simultaneously, making sure your always ready for a Switch Battle!

Power Up

You no longer have to run on empty with STEALTH’s SX NEW Charging range that offers you the opportunity to Play & Charge with their STEALTH Gaming XBOX One Charging Dock – available in either Black or White as well as a Twin Charging Dock. Known as the SX – C100. Or as a single Charging Dock which is the SX – C50. Again available in either Black or White.

STEALTH Gaming is bringing you POWER!

The Power of Choice

STEALTH Gaming doesn’t believe that your XBOX One controller should dictate your gaming time and with STEALTH’s XBOX rechargeable Battery Pack that is available in Black or White and compatible with STEALTH’s XBOX One Charging Docks.

The easy to use and effectively designed Battery Packs comes with a choice of either a double XBOX One Controller Battery Pack known as the; STEALTH SX – C10 or the single controller Battery Pack – the STEALTH SX – C5.

Uniquely Designed

Both of these incredible STEALTH XBOX rechargeable Battery Packs have been designed with STEALTH’s logo displayed proudly on the back of the Battery Pack which easily slides into the back of your XBOX One Controller. Then you will be able to enjoy up to 18 hours of Wireless Gameplay.

But STEALTH hasn’t just catered to XBOX One controllers! STEALTH has also released a WHOLE NEW Range for the PlayStation DualShock 4 Controllers. With STEALTH’s SP – C100 Twin USB Charging Dock available in Black and STEALTH’s SP – C50 Single USB Charging Dock in Black, ultimate power is yours!

And for those PlayStation Gamers that are looking to Play & Charge – STEALTH has included the SP – C10: PS4 Twin Play & Charge Double Cables which enables you to Charge on standby with its Premium Braided Micro USB Cables with a length of 3m, so that you can say goodbye to restrictions.

Do you want to Work With Us? 

STEALTH Gaming as a brand has grown immensely over the past year! We have introduced to you NEW additional STEALTH Gaming Headsets for XBOX One and Multiformat Gaming Headsets, NEW STEALTH SX XBOX One Charging Dock and XBOX One rechargeable Battery Packs alongside the STEALTH SP Range that will ensure you’re getting all the power you need to your DualShock 4 Controller.

We have also brought you news from events around the world which includes E3, Gamescom and EGX as well as bringing you Partnered Streamers to get to know and love!

So, if you want to work with a Brand that puts Gamers on ANY platform first and want to help distribute a successful Gaming Accessory Brand in its Prime – then visit our work with us page and choose which products best suit your needs and let our friendly team help you deliver that important message that should Game for an affordable cost without sacrificing quality.

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