About Us

We are STEALTH Gaming, bringing you high quality gaming accessories across multiple platforms including XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch and our fighter jet inspired multi-format range the XP-Series.

The SX-Series: Designed for XBOX ONE

Our XBOX ONE collection the STEALTH SX-Series is designed for the ultimate XBOX ONE gamer. The range includes the 5 Star rated STEALTH SX-01 Stereo Gaming headset, described as very good value for money, this headset is designed for comfort and performance to the high standards of all STEALTH gaming accessories.

Included in the SX-Series are the STEALTH SX-02 Mono Gaming Headset and STEALTH SX-PRO which is the latest in the range and already making a great impression with a 5 star review within days of launch. Due to launch very soon is the SX-Elite St, designed to match the quality of the XBOX ONE X, the SX-Elite Stereo Gaming Headset will enable you to chat and listen to game sound in crystal clear quality, whilst you view the highest definition graphics brought to a gaming console.

Introducing the Nintendo Switch Range

The STEALTH Nintendo Switch Range was revealed in-line with the biggest Nintendo launch ever with a number of STEALTH accessories to help protect the device and improve the playing experience for the Switch user. The Joy-Con Double Wheel Pack was designed for chart topping Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with the wheel size 25% bigger than the official wheel, this improves driving experience and control through the chaos that is Mario Kart.

We understand that the Nintendo Switch is designed to be taken everywhere and played with everyone, that is why STEALTH have designed the ultimate protection for your console for you to carry on gaming wherever you go. Protection packs in the STEALTH Nintendo Switch Range include the Starter Pack and EVA Case, these stylish carry cases let you carry your console, games and keep your pride and joy protected.

The latest introduction to the Switch range is the Joy-Con Quad Charger, keeping your Joy-Con’s charged up and ready for party play at all times. With room for up to 4 Joy-Cons at once, you’ll be ready for when you and your friends want to battle it out on the latest titles across the Nintendo Switch.

The XP-Series: Multi-format

Based on the sleek design and performance of fighter jets, the XP-Series comes at you with style and power, breaking the sound barriers with high quality Speaker Drivers and innovative mic. designs. The XP-Series has been designed to deliver comfort and quality, so that you can focus on the thing that matters… your gaming!

The XP-Hornet Stereo is a robust stereo gaming headset which delivers high quality chat and game sound simultaneously, this can be used for the Console, PC and Tablet including the XBOX ONE X launching in November 2017.

Here at STEALTH Gaming, we thrive of the ever changing market and are always developing our accessory range to meet high quality of the next next big launches, so that gamers around the world get the most out of their gaming experience. Keep in the know! Sign up today to be the first to know about new releases and existing products brought to you by STEALTH Gaming.

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