The Best FIFA Songs Of All Time Have Been Ranked

Each year, football fans flock to buy the latest FIFA game, ready to take their team to the top with career mode, build an unbeatable team on ultimate team and maybe take on the most recent game mode that EA Sports have included whether that’s following the life of Alex Hunter or taking it to the streets in Volta.

The upgraded graphics, new kits and players are the reason why FIFA fans continue to buy the latest edition of the game. That’s not all that is new, the team at EA Sports work hard to make the game more realistic and improve overall gameplay (although, this does not always go to plan as there always seems to be a fair few bugs and glitches to take care of).

One of the main features of the new games, which is sometimes overlooked, is the complete overhaul of the EA Trax section. Yes, we are talking about music, so important to the game and we can take this for granted. Through the years, we have seen some absolute tunes appear on the playlist and the Big 40 has ranked their top tunes of FIFA throughout the years.

Now, we will leave this to you decide how accurate this list is. Personally, we have a few changes to the list, but take a look for yourself…

1. Avicii – ‘The Nights’ (FIFA 15)

2. Kasabian – ‘Stevie’ (FIFA 15)

3. Disclosure – ‘F For You’ (FIFA 14)

4. Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris – ‘Hype’ (FIFA 17)

5. John Newman – ‘Love Me Again’ (FIFA 14)

6. The Kooks – ‘Around Town’ (FIFA 15)

7. Bastille – ‘Send Them Off!’ (FIFA 17)

8. Imagine Dragons – ‘On Top Of The World’ (FIFA 13)

9. Bomba Estéreo – ‘Soy Yo’ (FIFA 16)

10. Chromeo – ‘Don’t Turn The Lights On’ (FIFA 11)

11. Passion Pit – ‘Moth’s Wings’ (FIFA 10)

12. MGMT – ‘Kids’ (FIFA 09)

13. Nico & Vinz – ‘When The Day Comes’ (FIFA 15)

14. Sam Sparro – ‘Black & Gold’ (FIFA 09)

15. Muse – ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ (FIFA 07)

16. The Hoosiers – ‘Goodbye Mr. A’ (FIFA 08)

17. Blur – ‘Song 2’ (FIFA: Road To World Cup 98)

18. Vance Joy – ‘Mess Is Mine’ (FIFA 15)

19. Speelburg – ‘Lay It Right’ (FIFA 16)

20. Beck – ‘Dreams’ (FIFA 16)

We know what you’re thinking. Where is the likes of Bloc Party – Helicopter (FIFA 06), The Veronicas – Untouched (FIFA 09), New Order-Blue Monday (FIFA 2005) and of course Kasabian – L.S.F (FIFA 2004).

In fact, there are so many big songs missing from this Top 20, but with the amount of FIFA playlists to choose from, it is a hard choice to make. Do you agree with this list? Let us know on our Facebook Page.

Why not try out this Ultimate FIFA Playlist on Spotify and get all nostalgic about FIFA’s gone by.

Added By: Stealth Gaming | Date Added: 20th May 2020

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