How we are reducing our CO2 Footprint

As well as our focus on reducing the amount of plastic ending up in landfill by introducing Plastic-Free-Packaging in 2018, we are also very committed to reducing our carbon emissions footprint. How are we achieving this?

Less containers equals less trucks

By switching from 20 ft to 40ft shipping containers we have more than halved the amount of containers we use to freight our stock. Our decision to only ship 40 ft containers has removed 53 truck journeys from factory to port and from port to our warehouse – and that is this year ALONE!

We also only ever use very large container vessels which is the least environmentally damaging mode of long-haul shipping, as you can see in the comparison chart below.



Last year we also made the big decision to never airfreight stock. Sending shipments by air as opposed to sea and land is far worse for emissions (see chart above). Since the decision was made to no longer airfreight we have seen a 62 tonne reduction in our carbon emissions.

Improved container utilisation

We have also changed the way we order stock from our suppliers and manufacturers. We factor in container utilisation into our stock ordering decisions, and we will make changes if we need to, to ensure there is no wasted space or too much air space in the containers we use. We always strive to fit products into our containers in the most effective way possible.

Some more information on this can be found by clicking on this link

And this is just the beginning, we are continually on the look out for and implementing changes within our business that will make us more environmentally friendly.

Posted on 16th Sep 2022 by Dan

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