To connect via LIVE CHAT, please click the grey box in the bottom right of the screen, this has the STEALTH logo on, to make it easier to recognise. Once you begin a chat, type your question or issue and you will be asked to submit your name and email address, which is used to send a transcript of the conversation to and not for Marketing use.

Our LIVE CHAT is only operable Mon to Thu 9AM – 5PM and Fri 9AM – 4PM GMT.  (Excluding Bank Holidays).

If the LIVE CHAT is closed, you can either fill in the contact form below or submit your question via the LIVE CHAT function, which will then be sent to our Support Team, ready to be picked up at the next available time. But in the meantime, have a browse at our Support Resources in case you’re able to resolve the issue on your own.

Kindly note – Factors such as, how long you have owned the product and where you purchased the product from may effect the level of service that we can offer. Please review our Warranty Information for more information.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please see the link here –

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