Avengers are assembling on Fortnite for Special Crossover Event!

If you’re a fan of Avengers and Fortnite… You’re going to LOVE this!

If you were at Insomnia 64 this year, there is a chance that you may have missed out on some exciting news from Fortnite! The very popular Battle Royale is doing a crossover event with Avengers – that will start one day prior to the release of the rapidly approaching 25th April, which is the film’s release date.

It’s not uncommon, as you Fortnite fans know, for the successful game to crossover with events – as last year Marshmello performed for an event.

Miss it? Here’s the FULL EVENT!

So what does this event include?

It has been speculated that a return for Thanos from 2018, is expected from fans. Players were tasked with finding the Infinity Gauntlet, which would turn them into Thanos. This change gave gamers the opportunity to have incredible powers, however, it doesn’t make them invincible – because when you died, you would lose the Infinity Gauntlet. But that’s not all! Some fans are also expecting that the changes to the Loot Lake ties into the upcoming event! But it is a real possibility that one of the most exciting changes that we may see is the newest Marvel – themed skins that you should be able to unlock.

What we are hoping for?

It would be amazing to see not only new skins and potentially returning characters but to also be able to play a new selection of content that includes new challenges and exclusive rewards. The first teaser that dropped was this bank holiday Monday where Fortnite news shared some of the teasers for the newest crossover event, but there is also an expected second teaser that will drop later today, at 3pm UK time.

Captain America

It would be EPIC if we could see Captain America and his shield make an appearance during the crossover event, as the teaser on Twitter suggested. But we wonder, how powerful would his Shield be?


Who wouldn’t want Spider-Man to make an appearance! It would make the game for us to see Spider-Man on Fortnite – but would you prefer to see Spider-Man in his classic traditional costume or the new, improved Iron Spider suit that came from Avengers: Infinity War?

Iron Man

Every game that has a crossover with Avengers, we love to play as Iron Man. He is without a shadow of a doubt a STEALTH character favourite! Even if his suit was to appear, we would be happy!

The Weapon we would ALL love to see…. Loki’s Sceptor

How cool would it be if you were able to get your hands on Loki’s Sceptor! While it may be unlikely as Loki isn’t really apart of the Avengers, however, it would make an awesome pickaxe.

Don’t Forget!

Let us know what you would like to see from the FortniteXAvengers crossover on our Facebook and/or Twitter



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