The Brilliance of Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 was always going to be a BIG hit with gamers – especially with the mysterious scars that John Marston accrued during the previous Red Dead Redemption. But what makes number 2 so special you ask?
Well, a numerous amount of evolutionary features – that’s what! So many in fact that it’s quite difficult to mention them all! Firstly, there is –

The Story:

If you are a true fan of Red Dead Redemption, then you will know that we were left with a hint that would be able to FINALLY find out how John Marston got his scars! With his quote, “It ain’t no secret I didn’t get these falling over in church.” But he’s very much in the sidelines as we impart on a journey with Arthur.
With Arthur, it’s a whole new experience as you sort of end up writing his story with him whilst being placed with the Van der Linde gang – who have a strong relationship with both Arthur and other members, as they treat each other like family.

The Graphics and AI improvement:

Rockstars Developer Imran Sarwar has commented in a number of interviews what he believes is so unique about the title;

“ You can interact with them in a variety of ways without ever drawing a gun, and those options will be contextual based on what on what kind of person they might be and the situation you’re in. It’s a huge leap forward and immerse you in the world in a way that we have never been able to do before.”

And we couldn’t agree more! The NCP’s development is extravagant – Rockstar has definitely focused on your experience and added in smarter and more knowledgeable characters. For example, Arthurs gang –

“They know when Arthur arrives in the camp and when he’s caused trouble out in the world. We had to upgrade all of our gameplay and AI systems so that the gang members were smarter and equipped with better memories, so that they would respond naturally to Arthur and invite him into conversations.” – Imran Sarwar

However, it doesn’t just stop with the gang, residents of the town that you visit also interact with you differently as you choose whether or not to commit crimes. A good example of this would be; when you commit a crime – the NCP’s will run for help. In addition, if you have to spend 24 hours in jail as punishment you can expect the community to react! They may even start to talk about it.
Also like a well-known game (Assassins Creed) when you start committing these crimes you will start becoming a wanted criminal. However, on your map, you can see where these witnesses are and you can catch up with them before they tell on you. But if you do get killed – please note that you will re-spawn and you won’t be wanted anymore, but you will come back with a little less cash!
As for the graphics – we can honestly say that they are amazing. The mud is so realistic and if you were to get involved with a rumble on the floor then you would come away dirtier than you were before.

Customisation and Immersion

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the fact that you have a lot of choices. Unlike the previous title, you are able to change every piece of your outfit and you are able to be more involved with features such as; The Horses.
For example; you can buy a different breed of horse, and you can even tame wild horses! While every breed has different stats for speed, strength etc – you also have to consider how they look and behave as each one is extremely different!
We would recommend that you focus on building a bond with your horse, which will, in turn, make it more resilient and easier to control. But be aware that the horse you’ve spent so much time with can die and you will have to start over with a new horse – on a side note, you can even style your horse’s mane in multiple ways.
As you can see there are various features that make this game so amazing, but for us it mostly comes down to the increased amount of choice that you get – but don’t just take our word for it, we strongly recommend that you play this breath-taking title and let us know what you think via our Twitter and/or Facebook channel.


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