Call of Duty Returns to Its Roots With WW2

Call of Duty’s new title, World War 2, dropped over the weekend on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and it looks as if it on track to becoming a big hit.

The shooter bucked the trend of High Street declines by posting unit sales some 57 per cent higher than last year’s COD: Infinite Warfare and the newest edition to the franchise managed to claim a very firm UK Number 1 spot on its debut week.

It has been labelled as a return to the series’ roots due to the more grounded infantry combat, following the advanced-movement-style introduced in future-based entries such as Infinite Warfare. WWII’s competitive multiplayer benefits most from the return to a simpler setting, focusing on map awareness and reaction time. With the removal of jet-packs and wall-running, it’s difficult to dance your way out of a bad decision.

The campaign follows player character, Pt Daniels, and a handful of chums in his unit, beginning with the Normandy landings. It’s a straight-to-video Band of Brothers, where you fight through France, help the resistance, go on to the Battle of Bulge, and by the end, there’s a big old redemptive arc for your good old Texan boy.

Nazi Zombies is also back with a much more gruesome look, even if it largely plays the same as last year’s. Emptying clip after clip into spongy undead with weapons designed to pop and drop Nazis and multiplayer foes within a second still feels like a mismatch. And some solutions for the later puzzles have the same arcane logic as old adventure games, requiring the first-person version of pixel hunting, just with an endless horde of increasingly squishier zombies chasing you throughout.

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