Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – The Return of Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will soon grace screens across the world, set to release on the 25th October 2019. This marks the return of the “Modern Warfare” sub-franchise and also the return of developers Infinity Ward, who last worked on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which released in 2011.

It’s worth noting at this point, that this IS NOT a remake. The title has confused a number of Call of Duty fans since the announcement, as the name suggests that this could be a remaster of the 2007 game-changing hit Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This is not a remaster, a follow on or even a remake, this is a stand alone title which includes some very familiar characters (adding to the confusion).


The campaign aspect of Call Of Duty had been a key element in the games until recent years. Fans of the FPS king began to divert their attention towards online play and project their frustration at the campaign feature of the franchise.

However, it seems that Infinity Ward have brought the faith of the campaign back to Call Of Duty. Studio Narrative Director, Taylor Kurosaki says “These are morally complex stories where there is no black and white, or pure evil or pure good. It’s the gray in the middle of all that, and finding your line is a hard thing to determine.”

This suggests that their could be more than one outcome for the campaign, and the decisions of you, the player, make within the game could result in a different ending to your friends. You will work with Special forces and freedom fighter to retrieve stolen chemical weapons, you’ll be sent across Europe and the Middle East to conduct Covert Operations in order to stop all-out-war.


The traditional Call of Duty multiplayer modes will be present, including; Domination, TDM and Kill Confirmed. However, there’s a twist.

The introduction of 2 vs 2 gun fights pit 2 of each team against each other in a rapid battle of chaos and thrill. Whilst the big team modes, ranging from 10 vs 10, all the way up to 32 vs 32 allow you follow your squad into all-out-war.



Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare won’t include “Zombies”, but it will test your skills in the Special Ops Mode. This is broken down into three sub-modes:

Operations – These are multi-stage co-op outings where you can use custom load outs and even vehicles, and approach each obstacle how you see fit. This is the main mode in Special Ops.

Mission – Involves shorter stages designed to replay for better performance, timed to increase the pressure.

Survival – There may be no “Zombies” mode but there is “Survival”. Fight your way through waves of enemies, each wave more intense than the last. The ultimate goal? Survive. However, this mode will be EXCLUSIVE to PlayStation 4 for the entire year. You will not be able to enjoy this mode, unless you are a PS4 user.


For the first time ever, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will be fully cross platform, meaning you will be able to battle it out with your friends, squad, brothers in arms with no restrictions.

It’s a clever system too, for instance, you can play against players on all three platforms using game pads only, or you can play against just players using mouse-and-keyboard, or you can mix it up and try your luck against all input types.


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