It’s your Duty to know everything about Black Ops 4

In 2003 – the creation of an FPS that would blow other FPS games out of the water was introduced to the world. That creation of course was; Call of Duty. Originally based in WWII, we were invited into a gritty, cinematic battlefield that we have never seen before!
Therefore, it’s really no wonder that 15 years later the franchise is going from strength to strength with continuous releases. The latest in the series; Black Ops 4, which is available at midnight tonight– has definitely modernised to ensure it will be competing with big hits such as; Fortnite and PUBG (with its Battle Royale mode).

The newest addition to the series has a lot to offer its fans and new players, with spectacular features.

However, before we get into those features – we thought we would go through what you can expect from the newest game, the additional features and frequently asked questions from gamers.


• Is there still a campaign mode?

Unfortunately, there isn’t actually a campaign mode – however, there are still solo missions which allows you to try out the specialist and still learn their story. The reason behind this is due to the intent of the game from creators and directors who wanted the newest release to be more engaging in a multiplayer format.
We think this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it allows players to continuously come back to the game for years, unlike a linear campaign mode.

• Who are the Specialist and what are their abilities?

As many of you know, there is 10 specialist – who all have different abilities to help you in battle:

1) Ajax – A Breacher with a ballistic shield and tactical 9 – Bang grenade.
2) Battery – A Demolition expert who has a war machine grenade launcher AND cluster grenade.
3) Crash – A Healer with a TAK – 5 medical kit and assault ammunition pack.
4) Firebreak – An Area denial with flamethrower and reactor core.
5) Nomad – A Nature – lover with a dog and tripwire – equipped explosives.
6) Prophet – A Hunter with a tactical rifle and player – seeking shock mine.
7) Recon – An Intel operator with vision pulse and sensor darts.
8) Ruin – A Rusher with a “grav slam” attack and grapple gun.
9) Seraph – A Tactician with a high-calibre revolver and deployable beacon.
10) Torque – A Defender with a barricade and razor wire.

Also, bear in mind that Prophet from previous Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be available. However, his abilities haven’t been revealed as of yet.

• Can I play competitively with multiplayer?
Of course, get ready for battles against other players with some added details and options that will change the way you approach combat.

• Will I still have to endure damage in order to gain health?
No, there will be a dedicated healing button which allows you to begin refilling your total health, which means you won’t have to wait until your character stops taking damage in order to heal. However, you should consider the fact that the ability is on a timer. Therefore, you won’t be able to heal whenever you’ve been hit, which in turn should encourage players to be strategic and cautious.

• Will any of the classic maps be included?
Yes, you will still be able to enjoy the maps that you have come to know and love! The FIVE classics that will be returning from throughout the series are; Jungle, Summit, Firing Range (Black Ops), Slums (Black Ops 2), and lastly there is Nuketown, which will follow a short time after the first four maps.

• What are the new maps?
The new maps are called; Frequency (which is cleverly located at a listening station), the tropical Contraband, The Spanish Seaside, and Payload (a missile defence station).

BRAND NEW Special Features:

This newest edition has definitely got all of us excited here as we welcome new special features that has never been seen before in this successful FPS series – some of which we highlighted in the previous points above such as; the maps.
But that’s not all you’ve got to look forward too!

Guns Still Up System

You can now enjoy being ready at any point to fire your gun with the Guns Still Up System, where you are able to defend yourself at virtually any time, which means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re preparing to throw a grenade or jump over ledges – you will always be combat ready.

Fog of War

There’s also a new feature known as Fog of War which has been added to the multiplayer mode where you are only able to see short distances around your character on the mini-map, making it near impossible to see your enemies from a distance. Adding a new difficulty to the battle.

Multiplayer Modes:

Black Ops 4 is definitely spoiling us, as gamers are able to partake in many multiplayer modes, such as;

• Team Deathmatch
• Domination
• Hardpoint
• Search and Destroy
• And the newly added ‘Control’

Signature Weapons

Firearms as you currently know will be changing a lot cosmetically – they may not actually provide any in-game benefits, however, they are worth having if you love collecting weapons as rewards as most of the signatures are locked behind specific challenges. In addition, you will have access to Mastercraft weapons with additional rewards and if you run into another player with a Mastercraft version of a signature weapon, you will be able to see just how skilled they are and how much time they have invested into Black Ops 4.

Battle Royale Mode:

As you are already aware – everyone is hyping over Battle Royale and it seems as though everyone is jumping on the bandwagon for it. Which is why we weren’t entirely sure how Call of Duty would pull it off. However, we are extremely impressed! As you fly down, in a low altitude helicopter – readying yourself for battle, you have a wingsuit on which unlike other Battle Royale games, allows you to fly at a faster speed and range.

This makes such a difference already in our opinion. Once you have hit the ground – you can kit yourself with decent loot. However, you should be prepared to improvise if the loot is missing some key kit that you wanted. We also want to make sure you don’t forget to use those new vehicles when you are in the field!

Once you have sorted yourself out, its battle time and it really is an intense combat with other players camouflaged so well that it will feel like you are shooting blind. However, that’s where the beauty of the game comes in (in our opinion) as you have to rely on the sound of shots being fired and the rate of the fire. In turn, making the players develop their tactical skills.

Another aspect of Battle Royale that we really enjoyed was the fact that it included the Monkey Bomb from a previous famous Nazi Mode that launched 10 years ago. Once this is in play, you can expect to see those loveable zombies on the map – who will cause issues for those players that are seeking shelter in buildings.

Tell us what you think! 

As you can see there is a lot that you can expect from the newest edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which we can tell gamers will love to play for years to come! If you want to share with us your opinions about the newest addition to the series, please let us know your thoughts via our Twitter and/or Facebook.

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