E-Sports is Still A Sport And Is Recognised by UK Universities

Gaming has recently developed as not just a hobby but as either a career path, be that as a developer, producer, or streaming. It is clear to see the value of Gaming has increased tenfold and that is demonstrated further in the education system.

With new generations that are incredibly tech-savvy attending British Universities to study Gaming or just taking part in competitive Gaming; the way that we see “Geeks” is changing too.




Plural Noun: Geek

1. An unfashionable or socially inept person
2. (US) A performer at a carnival or circus whose show consists of bizarre or grotesque acts.


3rd Person Present: geeks
1. Engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail

Changing the way we see “Geeks”

When people say; “University Sports Team” your mind may go straight to football, basketball or even American Football, but what you may not think about is competitive gaming aka “Esports” but as a growing competitive sport – it’s time to pay attention.

As there are NOW more students taking part in “Esports” than football, according to figures compiled and British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) and National Student Esports (NSE). Which has now overtaken football as the sport with the highest number of teams at British Universities.

The Numbers

We were amazed at the facts and figures that we are about to share with you, as it is increasingly brilliant to see how revolutionised the perception of gaming.

Esports Teams HAVE the Biggest Participates!

There is;

• 685 Esports Teams spread across 73 Universities in the UK.
• 662 Football Teams.
• 432 Hockey Teams.
• 425 Rugby Teams.

Breaking down the statistics

The average University Esports team consists of 6.5 players, with 90% of that portion being male, 70% of them are studying courses in STEM subjects.

How this is changing Universities

Universities are becoming more aware of the importance of Gaming and how that impacts on making and maintaining friendship and this is reflected in Warwick University which has a Nintendo Society as well as an Esports Society.

We think this is just the start in terms of a wider recognition from parents and educational staff and it is amazing to see that the negative stigma of gaming is being removed, and the community as a whole can celebrate their hobbies and career paths more freely.

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