E3 2018: A Week On

Sadly, E3 has been and gone – while we are left feeling crummy that the most anticipated event of the year was over so quickly, we did think it would be nice to share some of the opinions that you guys had about the expo.

So, let’s get straight to it – when looking at whether or not you guys believe attending E3 was worthwhile, you all said YES!  (Debate.org) Which is fantastic as it is all for you, the gamers. Some of you have even stated that opening the doors to a group of energized fans creates more awareness highlighting new technology that includes virtual and augmented reality, live streaming platforms and mobile games.

But more than that, a lot of you are just pleased with how fun and informative the show really is. You feel like you can have a say and contribute to the industry that you are so passionate about! Which is fantastic – we know it’s a great opportunity to look and interact with products as well as the designers and programmers.

Making this ultimately, one of the main benefits for designers and programmers; as they want to know what you want so they can do better and provide better games for you.

Even though we believe E3 is a magical experience (like Disneyland for gamers) there will always be some events, releases or conferences that are more memorable than others and some for the wrong reasons – we wanted to share with you our magical moments from the conferences.

Personally, I rather enjoyed Ubisoft’s conference – I thought it was immense! Okay, certainly it wasn’t a toned down presentation but with the event being yearly – go big or go home right?

It was energetic, upbeat and quite a bit of fun actually. Yes, there was some serious releases (still cool nevertheless) such as; Transference and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 which to be honest, both look fantastic – and then there was also the uplifting release of Just Dance 2019 and Trials Rising which parted the stage with a nice life lesson of; if you fall down then you just need to get back up.

However, even though I personally thought Ubisoft’s presentation was great – We can’t ignore the life long battle that went on between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox conference. When conducting our own poll, it was interesting to see that you guys clearly think that Microsoft stole the show with a clear 34% lead.

We also cannot forget that Microsoft bombshell that was announced at E3. Microsoft announced (cnet.com) it is in the process of buying four entire game studios, which includes;


Ninja Theory (Hellblade)

Undead Labs (State of Decay)

Compulsion Games (We happy Few)

Playground Games (Forza Horizon Series)

As well as creating another internal studio known as The Initiative.

What this will mean for Sony in the next year – no one quite knows yet. Especially as they haven’t released any new hardware and don’t seem in a rush to discuss that new PS5 that we are DESPERATE to see! But their focus lies on creating great games for you lot and developing what they already have.

Which is a great tactic – PlayStation is definitely not broke so there is no need to fix it. But we do want just a little bit of information about the PS5… Please?

If there were any highlights of yours or releases that you got really excited about then please share with us your thoughts on our Facebook page and Twitter.

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