Why Fallout 76 is not a waste…

What can you expect?

Fallout 76 is definitely one of the most anticipated games of this year and for good reason too! You can expect to see new quests, events, new Vaults, and a faction – based PvP system according to Bethesda’s update.

But don’t worry that’s not all you have to look forward to! Bethesda has also started to work on a few other features like various improvements to the C.A.M.P building system, the ability to res-pec characters and much more!

Will it be an easy play?

While Bethesda is often known for games that still have quite a few bugs in place – we have already been warned that Fallout 76 may have some bugs in it, especially if you take into account that the BETA had some bugs and that Bethesda has stated that things were going to be a little rough in the early release.

What can you look forward to?

A focus on multiplayer mode – you are now able to play PvP, however, there is not a private server as of yet. However, Bethesda looks to change that after the launch – for now, you can look forward to choosing to play alongside other players or against them. Todd Howard has stated, “We don’t want [PvP] to be griefy but we want to have some drama.”

“Soft Core Survival Game” – Todd Howard.

All by yourself 

We all know that one of the great aspects of Fallout 4 was the option to play by yourself, and what a LOT of gamers are asking is whether or not this is still a feature.

Well, here is the good news it is! And, with lots of new quests going up, it is definitely an exciting time for those solo gamers.

Settlement mode & Base building 

You can now build anywhere in the expanded world, but instead of Fallout 4 where you attracted other settlers; this base is focused on keeping your items safe.

The World 

If you have been following the news for Fallout 76 or E3’s 2018 conference, you may already know that the world is set in West Virginia in the Hills; and it has been said it is 4 times bigger than the previous Fallout 4 map. You are now able to venture out to a water park, explore a mine, fight ghouls on a golf course, and blow up a mutated bear in a garage!

The graphics are also much better than Fallout 4s with 16 x more detail so that you can see the nitty grittiness of it all!


As you may recall from previous Fallout 4 games; PvP was not really incorporated into the games before, and while gamers are concerned that this may turn into another Battle Royale game and all you will get is Grief(er) from other players there has been special measure put in place by Bethesda to ensure that won’t happen, for example:

1) If another player chooses to challenge you then you can choose whether you want to participate. If you decide to run from the fight and then get killed (you can be killed, even though hits will only take a small amount off your HP) then they will become murders and will receive no cap or XP reward. They will also become a target for other players and claim his bounty, out of his own pocket.
2) However, if you do choose to participate – you can get a cap reward for consensually killing a player, according to their level, and the killed player will then be able to seek revenge, which then will be double the reward.

So as you can there is a lot to look forward to with Bethesda Fallout 76 – let us know your thoughts and opinions via our Twitter and/or Facebook page.

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