This FIFA 21 Concept Art Needs To Happen!

A self confessed FIFA Career mode fan, Vijay ‘Keo’ Bharadwaj, who also happens to be a very good designer has released a series of Tweets showcasing his vision of how the next installment of EA Sports FIFA should look like. It seems that fans are loving it!

The current edition, FIFA 20, released in September 2019 and was plagued with bugs, spelling mistakes, broken leagues, inconsistent AI team selections and the list went on. So much so, that fans of the football favourite started a hashtag #FixCareerMode which trended worldwide on Twitter.

Vijay’s vision, tweeted on his channel @infinitybykeo, is something on a FIFA fans dream and takes the game to a whole new level. The addition of a more realistic club finance tab, which incorporates team sponsors, allows for a more accurate view to how to run your football club. This is a section that has been missing from the current line up, which currently only allows you to view the revenue made via ticket and shirt sales and how much travel and stadium maintenance costs.

This would give you more control as a manager, not just to allocate budget control but to make decisions that will ultimately give you more budget to play with for the season ahead and buy the players you need to bolster your attack.


Another aspect of Vijay’s vision, is the kit creation tab. This is an idea which has proved to be popular with FIFA fans, and we would have to agree. Currently, one season of career mode and your kit is already out of date. It’s a familiar site in football, the start of the season and every team is announcing their new kits available to buy. However, on FIFA career mode, this isn’t the case, until Vijay gets his way!

The Kit creator tab looks great and adds another element to the game, fashion and kits are important part of the culture of football and this is part of the game which surely cannot be missed for the next edition of the football franchise.


Other features suggested by Vijay, include; linking Spotify with the game so that you can choose the ultimate FIFA playlist to get you ready for game time. A slick looking layout and incorporating Social stories in the team news, bringing the “news” aspect to this century.

We are unsure whether any of the features that Vijay has showcased on his Twitter will feature on FIFA 21, but for now all that we can say is that we applaud you Vijay and we hope that someone from EA has noticed your vision.

What do you think of this FIFA 21 concept? Would you like all of this to feature in the next FIFA?  Let us know our our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Added By: Stealth Gaming | Date Added: 7th Apr 2020

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