First look at Fornite: Chapter 2


Yesterday, the Fortnite Universe collapsed in on itself literally, after fans awoke to find an asteroid had hit the Season 10 map and all that remained was a black hole whirling away. This left us wondering whether this was the end of the Fortnite Phenomenon, even Billionaire Elon Musk claimed he was responsible for the Battle Royale “Black Out”.

For some, their world was destroyed. All the money, hours and XP points had gone to waste, as the big rock from the sky clashed with the famous map. Causing complete darkness with only the light of the Black Hole displayed on the Official Fortnite Twitter “live stream” as a beacon of hope.

As the saying goes, “out of darkness comes the light,” which was definitely true in this case, as we were treated to a launch trailer of Fornite Chapter 2 and it looks better than ever! Take a look here:


Fortnite Chapter 2 is now LIVE and the map looks completely different! With 13 new locations on the new map, the wipe out caused by the asteroid, has allowed the Epic Games favourite to emerge into a fresh faced player to be reckoned with. New features such as Swimming, Motor Boats, Fishing and much more,  mean that Players can experience a whole new world of game play.

It is understandable why Epic Games had to go so far with the Asteroid collision, not only from a huge Marketing Campaign perspective, but because of the amount of features that have been added to the game. Enhancements to help you Support your squad, Scale through Water and improved hideouts could only have been possible by starting from scratch.



What do you make of the new map? Let us know what you think of the new chapter of Fortnite on our Social Channels.



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