Fortnite Mobile / Switch Chat Issues Resolved

What are the Fortnite Mobile & Switch Chat Issues? 

If you a Fortnite fan, then you may be disheartened when you learn that you the mic hasn’t been working properly on the Mobile app or the Nintendo Switch. While you may be thinking that it may be a fault with your headset – (click here for troubleshooting the headset) that’s not entirely the case.
We have found that the faults are actually within the settings of Fortnite and we wanted to give you some tips on how to fix this yourself:


1) You can sign in and out of the app itself –

2) Deleting the app and reinstalling

3) Make sure you are connected to the WIFI

4) Inside settings:
You can try numerous things here – you can look at plugging and unplugging your headset until you see a symbol appear next to the speaker symbol by your name when you speak or make noise.
Also, please ensure that you have gone into settings and pressed the speaker icon, then you should be able to adjust the voice chat settings.


However, if you are using the Xbox App on iOS – this is how you set up your Xbox Party Chat:
(Once you have downloaded it)
1) Tap on the three people icon along the top bar.
2) Tap start a party.
3) Hit invite to party.
4) Select the friends that you want to add.
5) Start chatting.


For the Switch – you can press + – which should give you a wheel – looking shape.

Click that and then head to the volume section – there you will be able to find the voice chat option.

Once you have had a look through that then you should see ‘NO’.
You can also reboot the system by holding the power button and restarting.

We also advise that you turn off voice chat and then turn it on again.

For extra support – we recommend that you check out these videos:



We hope this helps and you are able to use voice chat properly!


Added By: Stealth Gaming | Date Added: 31st Oct 2018

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