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If you’re a gamer then you know about the beloved game Fortnite created by Epic Games who set themselves a mission to bring something “different and fun” by taking aspiration from Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, which we think that they have definitely delivered with record-breaking concurrent users of 3.4 million and 45 million users worldwide (which is still growing!) including the very popular streamer; Ninja who brought to the table some great skills that we all wish we had right?
But there’s more to being a pro then just kills, it’s about strategy – which is where we can help you out:

Be a pro

Start thinking while you are on the bus!

While there may be loot in buildings, it doesn’t mean it’s your best way to win the battle. Choosing a more remote spot could make all the difference! When you land, your priorities should always be;

1) Use suppressed guns to stay STEALTH – y
2) Hang on to power ups
3) Don’t take everyone on
4) Beware of the smashers that exist to break your fort
5) You need protection & elevation if you want to win!

Extra tip:
Wait until the bus reaches the very edge of the map before jumping! It may add up a little bit of distance from the circle, but it can result in a good set up!

The Drop

We all know the drop is one of the key things that you need to get right in order to win, which is why you should fall over a low area so your glider opens as late as possible, then swerve to a rooftop, this enables you to land more quickly.

Your Gear

If you are close to a chest then you should hear a magical tingling noise – they will contain at least one useful item and a higher – level weapon. You can usually find them in the attics or basements, so you should be prepared to smash stuff to get them.
Remember gears come in multiple colours;

1) Grey – Common
2) Green – Uncommon
3) Blue – Rare
4) Purple – Epic
5) Orange – Legendary

So now, you know what each colour signifies, you don’t need to waste your time with lower – level items.
By the way, try to get an AR for midrange and a shotgun for close-up in your loadout as quickly as you can.

Take cover!

If you are in it to win it – then staying out of the open is the way to go for you! The longer you stay in the open, the more likely you are to be spotted and sniped. Beware though if you have to make a cross-country run, hug cover or jump to make sure that you are a trickier target. Don’t forget that clicking down on your left joystick will put you into auto – run!

Enjoying Fortnite

In order to enjoy Fortnite properly; you should always keep your headset handy as the spatial audio is enhanced with a gaming headset and it will be easier to identify where exactly the other players are.
Remember, stay STEALTH -y.

Keep an eye out!

You should ALWAYS keep an eye out for other players building – sometimes it’s not about the weapon you choose but it’s about being aware of your surroundings so that you get the best kill. Watch out for players that are building bases, be wary for those damaged buildings also as they reveal you are not the first person to pass through. Here your ears are your best defence!

Pick Ups

You will often come across consumables that recover your health and shield like mushrooms (shield) and apples (health) but keep in mind they will only increase your health or shield by a small amount. If you are looking for big consumables that will affect greatly your health and shield then you may want to find a quiet place to devour them; as they take a while to eat.

Covering your tracks

Fortnite is definitely a game that requires STEALTH, which is why you shouldn’t give yourself away unnecessarily so if you are in a building then you should close that door behind you! If doors remain open then they will give you away! The extra benefit of keeping doors closed is that it is an early warning system & allows you to hear your enemies. This gives you time to prepare and jump on your unsuspecting enemy.
Also, open doors tend to be a good giveaway that someone has been there already which in turn tells you that there’s nothing that’s worth stealing!


Knowing how to make a great combat tower could save your life! You should treat buildings as part of your weapon and gear set; the more its engrained into your muscle memory the better as it will allow you more time to run for cover.


It is extremely important to build up – being higher than other players will almost always give you a solid advantage. But remember to have some cover, for example, if you are framed against the skyline you will be more visible and thus susceptible to long-range attacks!

If you found these Fortnite secret hacks useful then keep up to date with more hacks on our Twitter and Facebook page where will be releasing more and more tips for you to use to win the battle!

Added By: Stealth Gaming | Date Added: 5th Sep 2018

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