Fortnite: Is this the End or just the Start?

Fortnite fans have been left unable to play the ground breaking game, as the famous Map has been destroyed by an asteroid, leaving only a black hole in its wake. But is this really the end?

Season 10 of Fortnite has come to a close and all that is left to show is a huge black hole where there once stood a Map filled with Loot, Mile High ramps with no end and players leaping to avoid gun fire. All tweets from the official Twitter feed have been deleted and replaced with one post which is a LIVE feed of the Black Hole, which has been seen by over 127K people.

Fortnite first reached our consoles back in 2017, a free to play game which took the world by storm. Critics would say that the graphics weren’t as good as others, but this didn’t matter to the growing fan base that spent countless hours gliding in the Battle Royale, learning dance moves and kitting out their avatar each season.

The “Fortnite Phenomenon” had a massive effect on the Gaming industry, more than just Gamers themselves, it also helped spike sales across Gaming Accessories, Consoles and Fortnite Merchandise within retailers around the world.

In March 2019, the game brought in more than 250 Million players to its online maps, becoming the real king of Battle Royale. This lead to increased success of Streaming channels such as Mixer and Twitch. The Fortnite craze was immense, if people weren’t playing, they were watching. So this begs the question, if Fortnite has ceased to exist, how will this affect Giant Streaming Platforms?

Although Fortnite was the king of Battle Royale, there was always going to be competition. PUBG, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, Apex Legends and many more tried to steal the crowds away from the Epic Games Favourite, but none succeeded. However, they may finally be an outlet for Fortnite fans to go to.

We don’t know what is next for Fortnite, whether this is actually the end or a clever stunt to spark interest for Season 11. We can only hope for more from Epic Games, but we will have our eyes fixed on The Fortnite Twitter feed for more information.

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