Fortnite Season 8 is coming to a Close!

Fortnite Season 8 is coming to an end this May and to celebrate; we wanted to take a look back at some of the EPIC challenges that gamers have faced as well as a special event planned by us here at STEALTH Gaming – so make sure you read all the way to the bottom!

The Top Challenges in Season 8!

Week #1 Best Challenge: Where to find the secret Battle Star 

So, many of you may have already completed the challenges that allow you to access the Battle Star – via visiting several new areas around the Island to find Pirate Camps, Volcano Vents, and solving riddles about a giant face in the desert, jungle, and snow.

Once completed, players were able to unlock a new loading screen, which showed you where the secret Battle Star is hidden.
For all those who were able to access the location you were able to gain access to the free Battle Pass Tier.

Week #2 Best Challenge: The Search for the Apples

As you may have already heard; having an apple can really affect your health and this is especially true in Fortnite!

Interacting with an apple can heal you from five health up to a max of 100 during this challenge! They were found on the ground beneath trees and were easily spotted from a distance due to the way they twinkle and shimmer.

But if you were really lucky; you may have been able to find clusters of apples, underneath a very specific apple tree – where they are shorter, with thinner trunks and bushy tops.

Week #3 Best Challenge: Search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen

This challenge feeds into the finding of the Battle Star location as the magnifying glass zoned in on the map during the loading screen that was unlocked at Tier 10 during this season’s battle pass.

The magnifying glass zoomed in on one particular area in quadrant B8, just east of Frosty Flights, to find the location of some icy trees in a small circle southwest of Polar Peak.

Where just beyond some trees a selection of ice sculptures can be found – which resulted in the Battle Star’s location.

Week #4 Best Challenge: Search Buried Treasure

This challenge definitely put you in the pirate seat! Epic really did raise the bar with this challenge as you had to scour the map twice for the item. Once you found the location, you needed to activate it and follow the route that shows up on the map to a big X location.

Week #5 Best Challenge: Use a Zipline, Volcano Vent, and a vehicle all without dying in a single match!

We love these challenges! As they really put your skills to the test – but finding all of these items on the map was a skill itself. Most of the items you were after were available in the northeast part of the map, besides the volcano and west of Sunny Steps.

A big well done to all those players that managed to complete this task!

Week #6 Best Challenge: Visit the five highest elevations

In this challenge, Epic asked you to visit the FIVE highest elevations to get a few Battle Stars and to get that little bit closer to that tier 100 Battle Pass.

This was open to players who used standard and Limited Time game mode – Playground being the only exception.

Week #7 Best Challenge: Finding the location of a new Secret Battle Star

This was a challenge that was only available for those who have completed seven full sets of weekly challenges, including the premium ones, in order to see the Battle Star in their matches. The location was hinted at during the week in the loading screen.

Showing Luxe dropping in on a kind of underground treasure cave, where a carving on the wall displays a rabbit with the Battle Star icon on its back, leading players to the wooden rabbit north of Snobby Shores.

Week #8 Best Challenges: Ruin Skin

One of the best challenges during Season 8, hands down was the opportunity to get your hands on this exclusive skin that was available after completing 55 weekly challenges.

However, there is only a limited time to use the skin as it is no longer available from the 8th May.

So, make sure that you get your use out of the skin before it’s gone!

Our Challenge!

As this weekend is a bank holiday, we know that’s going to give you plenty of time to jump on Fortnite and get the most kills you possibly can! So, why not make it into a fun challenge.

Here at STEALTH gaming, we will be setting a leader board, which will change over the course of the bank holiday and the person who is left at the #1 spot with the most kills will be eligible to win their very own STEALTH cap.

Which until now has only been available to our Partnerships. The challenge will take place from Friday 3rd May 2019 at 6pm until Sunday the 5th May 2019 and the winner is subject to the terms of the competition.

How do you enter the leader board?

You can enter the leader board by simply sharing a clip or an image of the most kills that you have made during a game, to our Twitter page by either commenting on the post that will be available when the challenge starts this Friday at 6pm or by tagging us in a comment on our Twitter; @StealthGameNet with the clip/picture below.

How can you check on the leader board?

The leader board will be available on our website in the news section, as will the terms and conditions.

Good Luck!

Don’t Forget!

Get as many people involved as possible by sharing this blog to your social media as well by clicking on those buttons at the top of the page! Share the fun and opportunity this bank holiday weekend!

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