Games celebrating HUGE anniversaries in 2020

Is it us, or is time moving faster than usual? Well, maybe not in January, since we are on day 1,305 on the month. If you don’t think time is moving fast, just wait until you see the huge anniversaries these well-known games are celebrating this year. From 5-40 years, these games are reaching landmark years, but we can still remember the day they came out like it was yesterday!



The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (released May 19th, 2015)

Five years have passed since the third installment of the RPG based on the imaginative fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski shook the world as we know it. Now a huge Netflix blockbuster, the Witcher franchise has grown massively from a small following to a well recognized brand. Recognised as one of the greatest games, Wild Hunt will only get better with time as the popularity of The Witcher continues to rocket.


Rocket League (Released July 7th, 2015)

The chaotic mixture of Micro machines and football seemed a crazy idea on launch, but the indie studio Psyonix re-branding of the lesser known Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars got off to a flying start, shifting over 10 million copies worldwide. Rocket League is now one of the top watches on streaming platforms and has seen so much success that Fortnite creators , Epic Games, acquired the indie studio in May 2019.


Read Dead Redemption (Released May 18th, 2010)

Rockstar’s open world western, Red Dead Redemption, is almost a decade old! That’s 520 weeks, 120 months and 36500 days (not including leap years). Take a look at the launch trailer from May 2010


Resident Evil 4 (Released January 11th, 2005)

Capcom’s classic, Resident Evil 4, release on January 11th 2005. This installment is often seen as the pinnacle of the franchise, as Leon Kennedy braves the crazed cult, to rescue the Presidents Daughter. The over the shoulder viewpoint still send shivers down our spine and the creaky door opening scenes have haunted us for 15 years.


God Of War (Released March 22nd, 2005)

15 years has passed since Kratos set upon his vengeance against the Greek Gods. The original Spartan Warrior with a chip on his shoulder, entered the world in the March of 2005, a month linked with the Greek God of War Ares (not a coincidence).  Kratos has since become a symbol for PS4, and credit to Santa Monica Studio on an absolute action classic, the most recent installment being the MUST HAVE game for 2018.




The Sims (January 31st, 2000)

Endless days of building houses, interior design and getting your Sim your perfect job. The Sims reaches the 2 decade mark on the 31st January, with sales surpassing the 200 million (plus) mark, the franchise has continued to be a classic through the changes of the past 20 years.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (Released September 20, 2000)

The skating classic which shook the world is also twenty this year. The NeverSoft classic, was the second installment of the franchise, and featured an unforgettable playlist with songs such as:

  • Rage Against the Machine – Guerrilla Radio
  • Bad Religion – You
  • Anthrax/Public Enemy – Bring the Noise
  • Powerman 5000 – When Worlds Collide
  • Naughty by Nature – Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • Papa Roach – Blood Brothers

(Here is the Spotify playlist if you want to reminisce – Click here)


Super Mario World (Released November 21, 1990)

The franchise that just keeps getting bigger and bigger, the first name associate with gaming and Nintendo’s post boy. Super Mario World will be three decades old in November, and the Super Mario name shows no sign of slowing. There’s not much more to say on this absolute classic except thank you for 30 years of pure entertainment.

Pac-Man (Released May 22nd, 1980)

The arcade classic, Pac-Man, is 40 years old in May! I mean, what the Waka Waka Waka is going on? The game which basically ran the arcade operation for years, is a timeless classic and the iconic symbol of Pac-Man has generated more than $14 Billion worldwide. With only 10 years from being a half century old, this still stands out as one of the most famous games in the world.


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