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Today; we have the great opportunity of sharing with you how to get access to EA’s live streams, what to expect from them as well as up to date news coverage!

So what can you expect to hear from E3?

A more in-depth look in the latest announced game; Battlefield V – before its release in October, it will be on hand and playable for the first time! EA is also expected to show more game-play.

There will be a feature of Anthem, the next game from the creators of Mass Effect; on stage as well as BioWare’s open- world, multiplayer action – RPG (which we all originally expected to launch this fall, but the game itself has been pushed to 2019).

How can I watch the live stream?

If you are living the UK, the stream will start at 7pm and you can access this via Youtube, EA’s Facebook and Twitter! See you there.

Battlefield V 

EA’s conference was amazing and answered some of the questions that YOU had to ask.

This included MORE game play and customization for characters and weapons!

Creators claim that this is the most immersive battle yet – where you can smash through windows to surprise enemies and move weapons.

Battlefield V is a story about Human Heroism where you witness the war through the eyes of men and women that face the brutality of war.

The game will be released in October – were you can go on an expanding journey and no premium pass.

The most exciting part however; is that there will be Battlefield V ROYALE where you can do team play across multiple maps and modes.

We can’t wait for October!

Fifa 19

Fifa 19 Champions League will be brought will include authentic champion league story. There will also be an immense game play for all you football fans!

You can now control the pitch at every movement – but don’t worry you won’t have to wait long; the game will be launched on September 28th – headlined by the Champions League.

But for now there is a FREE world cup experience on; Xbox, Switch and PlayStation for a LIMITED time only, so be quick!

Unravel 2

Unravel 2 is out NOW! The game is finished and out for players – enjoy the multiplier story that focuses on hope and playfulness!

But don’t worry – if you are more into solo gaming; this game does allow you to do both.

There are new exciting scenes and stunning graphics that will make it a pleasure to play. Let us know what you think of this beautiful game!

Sea of Solitude

This visually captivating game is completely based on story; focused heavily on loneliness and darkness. A woman who is feeling hopeless and all the emotions mentioned above is turned into a monster. The mission is to restore her to humanity and hope.

This game was designed to offer an emotional connection to players; where they felt understood.

We cannot wait for you guys to try this title out and if the images are anything to go by; it clearly is going to be an amazing game!

Star Wars 

For you Star Wars fans – there is lots to get excited about!

The newest Star Wars title has been announced as; Jedi Fallen Order! Where you will be playing during the dark times also known as; the Jedi’s are being hunted, the timeline will be in the middle of episodes 3 and 4.

It won’t be released until 2019 but we will be chewing our finger nails with anticipation just as we know you will be.

For subscribers

If you are an Origin game player – then you have lots to look forward to too! As these titles will be available on access premier; Madden 19, Battlefield and Anthem.

Plus you will have access to the vault which will launch in the summer!

The overall message: 

The overall message from Andrew Wilson was that EA are focusing on creating games that offer YOU (the players) more choice; in how, when and where you play their games.

He also stated that the focus was heavily on treating gamers fairly – so the time you invest in the titles is valued. And so that you will get experiences that will truly enhance your lives.

XBOX at E3!

A packed out Microsoft theatre saw quite a few World premieres.  Phil Spencer took the stage with the largest live audience Microsoft has ever had at E3, and although there has been teasers (and a couple of leaks) there was a real buzz in the conference centre awaiting the news of new titles, Microsoft studio additions and a tease of a new XBOX console which is very much underway.

The opening premier saw the trailer of Activisions Sekiro: Shadows die twice revealed.

A high quality theatrical trailer reminiscent of Tenchu Stealth Assassins got my nostalgia going and this is definitely one on our ever growing list of E3 games to buy.

The introduction of Bethesda at the conference, gave us the opportunity to see the much anticipated trailer for Fallout 76. We knew this wouldn’t be a let down, but it exceeded our expectations!

Take a look here:

Forza on the Horizon

Forza Horizon 4 was announced with a very impressive cinematic trailer!

The big news is that Forza Horizon 4 is set in the very scenic British landscape, an important message this year is that “Seasons change everything” – the experience of this backed up with a cluster of leaves falling from the roof of the conference centre.

We saw the full range of season changes and we have to admit, although the driving experience completely changes, each landscape is beautifully designed, which we never doubted from Playground Games.

Microsoft Studios expanding

The announcement of five additions to the Microsoft studios included the brand new studio “The initative” based in Santa Monica, building a superstar team – we are excited to see what comes from this studio.

Other additions include Undead labs, Playground Games which although we already saw the Forza Horizon, teased that they will be working on an open world project (this was kept very hush, but teased enough to get our gaming senses tingling)  Ninja Theory and Compulsion games were also announced as additions to Microsoft Studios.

Division 2

The Division 2 trailer and walk through got our attention! With the release date expected to be March 15 2019, you battle your way through the streets of Washington DC to try and reclaim order as an agent of the Division.

New maps and a new landscape mean new excitement for the successful franchise and we cannot wait to get our hands on it!

Game Pass Update: Microsoft announced a “Fast Start” which is launching on selected titles this month – this basically does exactly what the name suggests – it allows you to launch your game on Game Pass faster!

Devil May Cry 5 announced!

A bad-ass trailer for a bad-ass game – after 10 years from Devil May Cry 4 (feeling old yet?) fans around the world have been begging for a sequel and the creators have announced that this is the greatest action game they have created.

We have been waiting for this for a long time now and the trailer only builds the anticipation. Take a look and let us know your thoughts…

Dying Light 2 looks very nice! Creators Techland brings an extensive parkour system and first person combat from the “Modern Dark Ages.”

Big news from this, is its reactive gameplay – Your decisions will have consequences which helps you carve out your own world and give you a fully unique gaming experience.

We’re looking forward to this one.

Gears 5..

The crowd goes wild! The first look at Gears 5, the first look trailer shows disorder in the ranks as the journey goes back to where it all commences.

Expect action, brutality and a great story with some twists and turns along the way.

That’s everything… or is it?

The closing statement teased that the hardware team are underway with architecture designs of the next XBOX console.

A staged shutdown opened the door to one final trailer… Cyberpunk 2077 is the last premiere before the final montage of the full list of games announced.

Which are you looking forward to the most?

Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


Bethesda Showcase

The show started with a cheeky gag aimed directly at Walmart’s inability to keep a secret and after a rather cringey… I mean great… live performance of the “perfect Rage 2 song,” we finally got to see Race 2 gameplay and OH MY GOD it looks amazing!

Set in a dystopian future, Bethesda teased gameplay with fans likening it to “Doom with cars” or “Mad Max” on social media, but we like it! it looks like a great FPS with the fall back of a great racing game.

We also saw the teaser of DOOM Eternal, the theme of listening to Dooms fans across the world in the creation of the sequel. Promises of more Demons, more power and Hell on Earth! They didn’t give much away but enough to perk our interest – check it out!

Wolfenstein Youngblood was also teased, the multiplayer version of the successful franchise looks great and we will be trying our best to get our hands on this…

Virtual Reality Experience

PREY Typhon Hunter and Wolfenstein Cyber Pilot have been announced as Virtual Reality experiences – available to play at their E3 booth.  Will you be checking this out?

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a prequel to all other games, with it being 4 times the size of Fallout 4 – set in the hills of West Virginia you are submerged into a wasteland.

Already announced earlier in the XBOX E3 Conference, the trailer excitement may have been lost – but the game play demo lived up to the hype! Leaving Vault 76 you see the amazing landscape of West Virginia and new creatures.

The announcement of Fallout 76 also came with it being completely online, although you can play the story mode solo but also, for the first time Fallout is a multiplayer open world.

14th November 2018 was stated as the release date with another release of the Fallout Shelter coming out on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch tonight!!

Fan of Mobile Gaming?

Bethesda showcased The Elder Scrolls Blades coming to mobile gaming (for free) and the graphics look amazing – bringing high quality console like graphics to your Mobile device with the full The Elder Scrolls experience on the go. We think this will be a highly successful project not just because of the popularity of the franchise already, but another mode which is available….

A really exciting aspect is VR mode – through mobile VR up to PC VR, players can use the mobile game in portrait mode and play against someone who is experiencing in VR. The fact the game will be free and the amazing graphics has really got us going – we love Virtual Reality and we love free games with high quality graphics which we love experiencing in our STEALTH VR Mobile VR headsets!

We saw teasers of a new adventure for Bethesda – Starfield, not much was given away but we are pretty excited anyway!


Then what we have all been waiting for… The Elder Scrolls 6! This was the biggest cheer of the showcase – again not much given away but it sent fans into absolute meltdown!


Bethesda brought the goods, with multiple Fallout and The Elder Scroll title announcements to shake a stick at and a teaser of a brand new series; Starfield, with the additions of Wolfenstein, Rage 2 and PREY… it was a pretty awesome showcase with the news every fan wanted… scratch that! Needed to hear.

Square Enix 

Square Enix’s E3 conference has been! And it was spectacular with much awaited trailers such as; Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Kingdom of Hearts 3, StormBlood Final Fantasy XIV, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit,  Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age, The Quiet Man and Babylon’s Fall by Platinum Game Studios (famously known for World of Demons and Bayonetta.)

So, lets have a quick review of what we have just seen and what has gotten us so excited for the next for months;

Shadow of The Tomb Raider 


This trailer showed even more game play then in the previous Xbox conference – which has got us so hyped up for the release. With a beautiful story to tell about how Lara Croft becomes the Tomb Raider she is today; we know this game will be a great seller and win the hearts of many fans across the globe!

We also took some still images so you can see how immersive her journey into the jungle really is and the challenges that she has to face along the way;

Moving onwards we have the next big title; StormBlood Final Fantasy XIV;

This saw all the gorgeous elements of the Final Fantasy stories that we know and love brought together in an action packed game. You can now go and explore new wonders which includes underwater features where reviewers have been saying its one of Final Fantasy’s finest moments.

Right, we are now getting into some titles that appeared that wasn’t necessarily expected such as; Dragon Quest XI Echos of an Elusive Age and The Quiet Man.

In this game you will claim your birth right, save the world and fulfill your destiny! The trailer definitely gets you anticipating what the game play will actually be like. One thing is for certain though, you guys are absolutely loving the trailer that Square Enix revealed during E3. And we cannot blame you – the game itself is set to be released  September 14th 2018. Let us know what you think once you have had a go.

Now this looked like a bad ass trailer, for a game that not many knew about;

The Quiet Man 

Unfortunately, there was not much revealed as Square Enix plans to release more information in August this year. But just from the aesthetics we are pretty sure this kick ass game will be flying off the shelves. We will keep you updated when more is released in August but for now enjoy watching the trailer – remember; Silence rings loudest!

There was also a beautiful game shown which also known as;

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Which tells you more about Chris’ story. Where a little boy with a BIG imagination travels to different planets and fights even BIGGER monsters – this is really is a touching title that we recommend all you story lovers to try. We know that you will love it!

Babylon 4 

Now this next title is definitely going to be worth waiting for as a brilliant collaboration takes place between Square Enix and Platinum Games which will be coming out next year; 2019. This game had a few of you thinking that was the best part of the presentation – do you agree?

Last but definitely not least – we have the much anticipated and loved title;

Kingdom of Hearts 3 

We think that we can all agree that the game looks REALLY good! With everything you would expect from the successful series; great characters, an opportunity to see what challenges you will face and some game play features. One thing is for sure – it has got you guys all talking about how long you have been anticipating the release; unfortunately, you will have to wait for a little longer as it won’t be out until January 2019.

But keep patient fellow gamers as this beautifully designed trailer definitely has given us something to look forward too!

If you would ever like to submit a comment, like or share then please take a look at our website, Facebook and Twitter today!

We shall see you all later when its Ubisofts time – only 1 hour to go!


What an energetic and grand start to their press conference! It all started with a showcases of dancers that were promoting Just Dance 2019 which is coming this October!

The audience definitely seemed hyped up as for those watching at home; well, there was mixed opinions… but it is E3 so go big or go home right?

Besides the gaudy… *cough* great dance off at the start – there was some mind blowing trailers and information that you NEED to know.

As we already know; every game developer insists that they are including more community content and they want the players to feel like they are involved in the process – we’ve all heard the same sentiments reiterated a thousand times right?

Well, we think Ubisoft has just done something so amazing that it ACTUALLY includes players in the process of making content! It all starts with…

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – 

We already know its a popular game among players but what’s going to be so revolutionary with this one? Is it the fact you can;

  • Play in an open universe
  • Its set in a darker underworld
  • The fact that the crew is going deeper into space and their enemies
  • You can play alone or with friends?

No, what blew us away was the fact that YOU can actually get involved in the development of the game; special guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt (hitrecord) is working with creators so that artists of visual and audio content can have their work included in the game!

But what is truly amazing is that you will be working collaboratively with other artist – so you don’t have to worry about going solo with your work!

If you want to get involved then you need to go to to see the first creative challenges. BGFest will showcase some of the content too!

We can’t wait to see all the creative work you guys do.

Rainbow Six Siege 

This title has lots to celebrate as the community is vastly growing – expanding to 35 million players as of today.

You can now play Parra bellum which is in action right now and the pro league will be starting in June. But that’s not all – oh no! There will also be a documentary made following 8 community members which will be released in Paris in August.

Trials Rising 

The next game we are going to talk about – promoted itself in a nice light hearted way; with the creative director of Trials Rising being VERY creative with his entrance i.e. via a motorbike and then fell into the computer set up on stage (on purpose of course) and made the point that the game is about crashing, falling and getting back up again. Its nice to have a life lesson reiterated through games.

In Trials Rising, you will; ride around the world, beat them all and crash in style! But ultimately; you will become the master of your ride.

What was really cool about Trails Rising was that they do include fans with their games just like Beyond Dead and Evil 2. For example; Fan – University of Trials designed and created all the tutorial content within the game, alongside 20 community members known as the elites. If you want to get involved too; you can register at (closed beta).

The release date is set for February 19th 2019 for PS4, Xbox, PC and Switch for the first time ever!

The Division 2 

Moving on to one of the stars of the show; Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – it was an example of The Division doing what it does best; telling a unique story with fantastic graphics. So lets recap on the great story; The virus has turned America inside out and civilians are trying to rebuild as a part of their survival tactic.

When playing the game you will be the last line of defense and it is up to you to save the civilians and if you fail then they will be ruled by a tyrant showing that your actions have a clear impact.

You will need to bring equipment and tactical abilities to the next level and when you reach the end of the campaign you will pick a specialism and a unique weapon as you progress you will also have exclusive skills; and a personal play style. That’s not all though! 8 players will be able to partner up to face the ultimate challenge raids!

But that’s not all! There will also be; 3 DLC launches in the form of episodes where you will get new stories, new areas and activities.

However, there is still a little bit of a wait! The release is due on March the 15th 2019.

Mario + Rabbids Donkey Kong DLC

That wasn’t the end of the theatrical aspect of the conference as Donkey Kong was introduced via an orchestra! The game itself is what we all know and love still but some felt that the orchestra was a little bit OTT. However, you can’t please everyone.

The release will be on the 26th of June and on the 25th June for seasonal pass holders!

Skull and Bones 

Join the hunt at E3 – piracy is dead in the Caribbean and the next big score is in the Indian Ocean where you will steal every last coin; the treasure will help you become the pirate that no Empire can ever bring down.

There will also be more merchants to rob and more competitions – as well as a shared world where every player you encounter matters.

Are you excited yet?


This next title brings us chills just thinking about it! The VR thriller allows you to explore dark thoughts, get in the minds of others and uncover secret puzzles and out this fall.

And if you thought Joseph Gordon – Levitt was the only special guest appearing at the conference – you are dead WRONG! Elijah Wood came to talk about the first person action game he has created; take a look for yourself and tell us what you think:

Did it come across creepy to you too?

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Special guests are not running short at Ubisoft’s E3 conference; another VERY unique quest was – StarFox (an exclusive Nintendo experience) who appears as a character. With this title expect to discover new planets on all consoles; coming October 16th.

You can pre-order the game now!

Here are the final two biggies of the show:

For Honor 

A brutal game that has an increasing expanding world with a 4 v 4 multiplayer castle siege -this medieval style combat game is definitely worth a go and with currently free PC versions as of June 11th (today) until June 18th; there is no reason not too so hurry and get playing now!

Assassins Creed: Odyssey 

This bad boy needs no introductions as one of the most anticipated games of the year. And it didn’t disappoint with lots of exclusive game play action demonstrating how you become more immersed in the history and have real choices and an incredible quest in Ancient Greek to save your loved ones.

This epic RVG experience is completely shaped by your actions and choices – and the first one you get to make is which character you will be;

  1. Alexios
  2. Kassandra

The character you choose will be with you throughout the entire game. You will also be able to play on land and in the sea! The story is shaped by the division and the battles between choas and order in Greek times – but enough from us; here’s a look for yourself:

Now you can’t tell us you aren’t excited for October 5th, 2018. Available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

We will be back with you shortly with news from Sony at 2 am – its going to be immense. A big well done to Ubisoft it was quite a show!


The Last Of Us: Part 2

The showcase of The Last Of Us: Part 2 has our attention. This is the first showing of game play, where we see Ellie stalk through the downtrodden swampy area using a mixture of stealth and brutal combat to make her way through and survive. We see a mixture of hand-to-hand combat and weaponry, we have to say, we were impressed with the look and feel of this and has got us (and the fans at the conference) very excited for this to drop, check out the trailer here:

(A short intermission turned into quite a long wait)

Ghost of Tsushima

Check out the graphics on this! Ghost of Tsushima looks amazing and the gameplay and story doesn’t look too bad either! Another one for the #TheEverGrowingListOfGamesToBuyAfterE3

Resident Evil 2

This has a huge cheer from the crowd! The classic gaming franchise which makes everyone feel uneasy with every little noise you hear in the background and makes you take a deep breathe before opening every door, is back and it looks incredible! Take a look here:

Anyone not feeling so safe right now?

Death Stranding

An intense look at Death Stranding kept with the theme of experience with the SONY showcase, again the graphics were amazing, we do have a couple of questions about the story such as what does this mean for Sam? Will his role change? We look forward to finding out either way!

This is a title everyone is excited about. Take a look here:

Marvel’s Spider-Man

As expected, a big part of the SONY PlayStation showcase was Marvel’s  Spider-Man! It looks great…

Filled with action, explosions, a lot of bad guys and witty lines, this is the Spider-Man we know and love. We cannot wait to get our hands on this – let us know what you think!

There’s only one show left now, join us tomorrow for the Nintendo showcase at 4pm (BST)

Nintendo at E3


The final conference is here and Nintendo bring a lot of news!

So first of all let’s show you the amount of titles that are coming to the Nintendo Switch…

Mario tennis Aces (2nd June 2018)

Wolfenstein 2: The New Collosus (June 29th 2018)

Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy (10th July 2018)

Octopath Traveler (13th July 2018)

Minecraft (21st July 2018)

FIFA 19 ( September 2018)

Dark Souls: Remastered (Summer 2018)

Hollow Knight Available NOW!

Fortnite on Switch

From today (12/06/2018) Fortnite is available to download on the Nintendo Switch! The smash hit Battle Royale phenomenon that is sweeping the world has reached the Nintendo Switch, although this was heavily hinted in the build up to E3, it has now been confirmed.

It is hard to say whether this will be a success for Switch, as Fornite is will be available on Mobile. But it does give a chance for Switch users to join in the fun and take the Battle Royale experience everywhere. If only there was a library of dance moves we could use to show our excitement of this…

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Invites Everyone

A major part of the conference was the announcement of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The tag line “Everyone is in” is exactly what it means, every single character from previous Super Smash Bros were announced and some additional characters too allowing you to sling ink on the Super Smash Bros Ultimate battlefield. A noticeable addition to the roster was SNAKE (of MGS fame) and Metroid’s Ridley.

The game has been stepped up with this edition, with enhanced facial expressions, new gauge for power and new techniques when dodging and attacking to give an all round better experience.


Last month a major reveal event for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee was held in Tokyo, Japan. So it was no surprise that we would see this showcased at Nintendo’s E3 conference. However, as always Nintendo has a surprise up their sleeve and we quite like this one!

The Pokeball Plus…

With the announcements of the ability to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO into Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee bring the whole experience to life. Multiplayer mode was also announced which we are very excited about!

No news of Animal Crossing brought Nintendo some anger on Twitter, as fans were expecting to hear the announcement or at least a teaser. But unfortunately the conference came to an end with no news of the fan favourite.

That’s it for the announcements for E3 2018, we hope the title you were most looking forward to was released, if not let us know what you was expecting on our Social Media pages.

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