Microsoft drop the latest XBOX ONE X advert

The latest advert has been released for the XBOX ONE X, which if you have been living under a rock, is out November 7th.

In the past few days we have seen short teasers from Microsoft, based around how the XBOX ONE X will make you feel when experiencing game play in True 4K. These adverts have quite a big impact with a series of shorts named; Veins, Goosebumps, Gasp and Dilate.

The recent showcase of the “most powerful console ever” was first shown during Season 8 Premier of The Walking Dead and Sunday Night Football. The advert is very clever, suggesting that everything your XBOX console can do, feels much MORE of what you have felt with the previous versions, with the XBOX ONE X.

Presenting some of the 4K content that you can play on the XBOX ONE X and a mixture of cinematic and sports spine tingling moments, the advert really gets across the feeling you will get with the highly anticipated console, dubbed “The Monster.” The music Power by Kanye West is fitting as the XBOX ONE X has been hyped as the most powerful console ever.

Check out the trailer here:

Although the release of this console is highly anticipated, Microsoft still maintain the feeling that the XBOX ONE S will be the biggest seller for them over the coming months. Maybe they feel the console has too much power for us to handle, being 40% more powerful than the PlayStation Pro, or maybe it is just that although the XBOX ONE X is 4K ready, not all homes are and neither are the games. When more 4K compatible games are released, we may also see a spike in sales for 4K ready TV’s to go with the demand of the XBOX ONE X. We still feel that the console will be a success and we cannot wait until “The Monster” is unleashed.

As the release of “The Monster” looms upon us, make sure you are XBOX ONE X Ready with the full range of the STEALTH SX-Series, compatible with all of the XBOX ONE models including the XBOX ONE X.

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