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Christmas is upon us once again and the age old question arises “Which present should I buy?” dominates the mind, as you brave the mayhem within shopping centers around the world. Don’t worry! STEALTH have a gaming gift for every type of gamer, making sure that when they open their care package on Christmas Day it’s more GAME ON than GAME OVER.

First of all, you need to work out what kind of Gamer you have to buy for. Below you will find the perfect present for the Gamer in your life, and you can use the STEALTH approach to work out which kind of Gamer they are.


Often found shouting at their squad, this type of Gamers enjoys titles such as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Battlefield, CS:GO or Halo. Nothing makes them happier than suiting up with their squad and dominating the battlefield, climbing that leader board and getting the last kill.

To avoid all out war on Christmas Day, why not check out the STEALTH XP-CAMO range. Made up of a variety of camouflage designs, the range of headsets is exactly what they need to be ready for battle! The XP-Cruiser, is the traditional woodland camouflage gaming headset, whilst the XP-Conqueror features a disruptive digital arctic design. Try something different with the XP-Raider, the soft pastel digital design delivers a stand out performance, whereas the XP-Warrior features a desert camo design, reflective of Modern Warfare.

Each Gaming headset features immersive audio, enhanced comfort features and is compatible with XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Click below to find out where you can buy them from!



Everyone likes to look good when Gaming, whether you are streaming to thousands or simply know your style. Luckily for these types of Gamers, the STEALTH Lifestyle range feature unique designs representative of modern day fashion.

Each Lifestyle headset can be used for Gaming across all platforms (XBOX ONE, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC), as well as being compatible with your Mobile Phone* Laptop, Tablet and iPod, making it ideal for listening to music on the go.

The STEALTH Classic Gold Abstract and Rose Gold Abstract designs feature a soft touch finish, enhanced comfort features and powerful audio for a next level listening experience. Let them be the style setter they know they are, with the STEALTH XP-ICON in White and Pink, a truly fashionable headset which is perfect for Gaming, Streaming and listening to music in style.

*Phones with 3.5mm Jack Connection



If the controller never leaves the hand unless food is ready or the controller runs out of batteries, you have an “always gaming gamer” on your hands. Luckily for you, there is no need for the controller to run out of batteries no more.

The new range of STEALTH premium Charging Solutions mean that you can rest easy knowing that the power will never stop. The unique 2 in 1 charging solutions offer a charging dock for storage and overnight charging, whilst the premium braided charging cable, provides a super fast charge. You will be the hero of the day, supplying endless power to the Gamer in your life.

Available for PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE, there is a STEALTH Charging Solution for everyone. Includes Twin and single versions, with options to buy additional rechargeable batteries – all compatible with the XBOX ONE charging docks. The Twin Play and Charge Cables for PS4 are a fan favourite and are the perfect gift to keep your PS4 Player charged up and ready to go


Everyone has their own style and this is why we have a variety of designs on offer, to allow each Gamer to stand out from the crowd and let their personality shine through.

Whether it is a loud design, such as the STEALTH VIBE FLO, available in both Blue and Grey and finished with a paint splatter effect or a a headset with powerful audio, the STEALTH range of multi-format gaming headsets has something to offer. These are the stand alone Gamers, becoming the last one standing in a see of enemies, an out-there attitude filled with dance moves and gaming slang. Perfect for Fortnite players, this range of STEALTH Gaming headsets will leave a lasting impression.


From Mobile to Nintendo Switch, everyone loves to Game on the go. Make sure the one the go Gamer in your life is set for life on the road with a variety of accessories designed to ensure your Nintendo Switch console is kept safe on it’s travels.

Check out the full range of Nintendo Switch Gaming accessories, including storage cases and racing wheels, meaning whenever there is an opportunity to game, your on the go gamer will be prepared and ready to enjoy themselves with new and existing friends.


The full range of STEALTH XBOX ONE and PS4 charging will drop perfectly into your Gamers stocking. Small and compact, this will be a nice surprise for them to find in their stocking whilst not breaking the bank for you! The full range of STEALTH stocking fillers can be found right here.

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