The Switch That’s Liter In Your Pockets In More Ways Than One

Nintendo came out with some HUGE news last week, as they dropped on us a completely NEW(ish) console known as; the Switch Lite. While this wasn’t completely unexpected and partially predicted back in March – it has raised excitement in the gaming world with Nintendo fans.

What can you expect?

The Switch Lite is offering Gamers a smaller, handheld console that has been designed to attract a new market of Switch Gamers. But that’s not all! It also comes with a cheaper price tag.


What’s so different from the Original Console?

This may be a make or break feature for Gamers but you will NOT be able to switch this Switch onto the TV, as the device no longer connects.

However, the Switch has also removed the need to attach the Joy Con controllers as they are already included into the device – making it sturdier – and abandons HD rumble and the IR sensors.

What is the Screen Size & Resolution Like?

You can also expect to see a slightly smaller screen (it had to happen, being a Switch Lite) with a 5:5 – inch touch display, compared to a 6.2 – inch screen from the original.

But you don’t have to compromise with your resolution as it is still at 720p, working out as a roughly 12 per cent improvement in pixel density

Taking Control

Even though there are a lot of features staying the same for the Switch Lite, there is also a different feature that may take you awhile to get used too; the D-Pad, which is the replacement for the original Switch’s four buttons.

You may also be pleased to hear that the Battery life has also improved marginally and last between three to seven hours compared to the original 2.5 to 6.5 hours.

We would say the new buttons and the light feel (weighs around 277g less than the original Switch (400g with controllers connected) as well as the price are the biggest changes. As the console still supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, and has built-in gyro controls.

Making the handheld console practically identical to the original.

When can I buy it and how much for?

The big release date has been set for the 20th September 2019. A mere 2 months away and while it may feel like FOREVER, the time will fly by and you fatefully alongside Link’s Awakening (it’s like it was planned!).

While the UK hasn’t been officially given a price tag but in the US its $200. However, if you were going to give a rough guess as at how much it will cost in the UK – then you need to consider that the Switch itself costs £279 in the UK.

So, we think around about £180 in the UK. Please don’t take our word for it though, its an estimated guess.

Are there any design changes?

You may be pleased to hear that there will be some fresh new colours available at the launch – such as; Yellow, Grey and Turquoise. There will also be a unique colour added which will be a light grey for Pokemon Sword and Shield, with cyan and magenta buttons, illustrated with the game’s new legendary Pokemon.

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