Spyro Reignites Fans Passion for Gaming

While it may not be the first classic that has been revamped for our pleasure, it definitely is shaping up to be a silent winner in the nostalgia contest with breathtaking features. Using Unreal Engine 4, software that is used for developers to create the impeccable graphics that we will see throughout this article.
However, before we delve deeper into the levels and animation, we wanted to take a look back into what made Spyro so unique and memorable to us in the first place:

It was where TRUE gaming started for all of us

We all know that for many of us, the start of our love for gaming started with the PS1 and with classics such as; Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. And any reboot will bring out some special memories for all of us for a long time.


The Animation

For all those who have played as the loveable character that is; Spyro – we all remember all those little movements that he made when waiting patiently for you to pick up your controller and play again.

Spyro the Dragon

The Soundtrack

The quirky upbeat soundtrack just automatically hits you with a wave of nostalgia, with the soundtrack composed by ex The Police drummer; Stewart Copeland – it just screams the late 90s.


But that’s enough of what we DID love about Spyro – let’s move on to what we DO love about the remastered version;

The Price

If you didn’t know already that the cost can be pretty high for original PlayStation games, well you do now! But the reignited trilogy is actually quite affordable with the collective title being priced at only £34.99. We believe that this is a great deal!

Scaled up graphics

While it may be a point of controversy, with numerous fans dissatisfied with the cosmetic aspect of the loveable character (created by Toys for Bobs) who has clearly been influenced by the Skylander version. And while we recognise that Spyro looks very different compared to the original created by Insomniac Games, we feel that this newer and brighter version definitely fits well within the new remastered world. For example, the way that the grass interacts via swaying when he passes and how BRILLIANT the dark areas look.

But we can draw even more examples of how the game has scaled up with its graphics – where the smallest of details have been thought through and is reflected throughout the game. So, we definitely recommend trying this title and see for yourself how amazed you will be with the cosmetics of the game as the bad guys bring a real sense of weight and the remaining scorch marks as you set the world on fire!

PlayStation Spyro Preview

The Choice

Whilst we have established that the aesthetics have changed quite a bit since the 1998 release – we haven’t even gotten on to the changes of the soundtrack yet! The quirky upbeat tunes that Spyro offered to us all, is dramatically changing too! With a new rerecorded soundtrack, we are certain it will fulfill the needs of a modern audience. Even so, it doesn’t mean that the creators have forgotten the audience this title already has and its included the original track for you to switch too if you want. Drummer; Stewart Copeland will also be contributing to the reignited trilogy with a brand new theme dubbed ‘Tiger Train.’

The Control

The passion that has come from Toys for Bobs has been incredible and continues to be as they aim to; “Create a love letter back to the fans with this remaster and unleash the dragon in a significant way that reminded fans why they fell in love with gaming in the first place” (Kavic).
We believe they are fulfilling their aim through all the mentioned above, as well as the new reworked controls, making the worlds feel like they were designed for PS4 as Spyro is more dynamic and responsive like never before!

The Cutest Mannerism

As we highlighted in the above, the animations are one of the greatest aspects of this title and part of that is Spyros cute animation when he is waiting around – while he may have been modeled on a cat for all the delicate licking of his paw, it doesn’t change how adorable his actions are.

With all these features we are certain that it won’t take long for this to go number 1, and as an extra incentive to buy this gorgeous masterpiece then you should know that Kavic is willing to dye his hair purple if they hit number one.

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