Square Enix Show At E3 2019 Is Full Of Possibilities

As you may have already seen Square Enix have a LOT of games up their sleeves that they are planning to showcase at E3, which will showcase their games for the upcoming year and beyond.
Their Press Event is scheduled for Monday, 10th June at 6 PM ET / 9 PM PT.

So what are they going to Show?

We weren’t lying to you when we said that Square Enix has a hefty amount of games to get through during the biggest Gaming Expo of the year;

Final Fantasy VII

It’s the game that we were ALL worried we wouldn’t see Final Fantasy VII Remake that was announced back in 2015, however, during PlayStation’s State of Play where we saw a new teaser trailer providing information of where the progress of the game is up to. But we should find out more at E3.


MARVELS: Avengers Assemble

Some of you may have already heard the leaked news that Avenger’s Assemble will allow solo as well as coop mode. With an epic action – adventure cinematic story. Teams should be allowed to play up to 4 players, with each player controlling customised heroes in an expanding world. So far it sounds great – perhaps a little like Destiny but we will see what Square Enix has up their sleeves for the reveal at E3 2019 Coliseum.

Babylon’s Fall

While this may not be a new announcement as it was initially announced back in the 2018 showcase. Developed by PlatinumGames, the action game with fantasy – style melee combat and magical elements, takes place in a future ravaged by an apocalyptic event. However, the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. We assume that it will be coming out to PS4, although there is still the chance that it may come out on the PS5 as the PS4 life cycle comes to an end.

Parasite Eve

If you are looking for a scare – this could potentially be the game for you with this action – role-playing hybrid could be the answer for you. The reason why we believe this could be an announcement at E3 this year is due to Square Enix registering the trademark in the UK back in November 2018. A remake is a definite possibility as it was originally released back in 1998 on the PS1.

What would you like to see?

One thing is clear from some of the titles is the fact that Square Enix will have a lot to present at E3 and we want to know more importantly what you want to see Square Enix reveal at E3 on our Facebook and/or Twitter.

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