Square Enix calls in Marvel’s Avengers at E3 2019

If you checked your Twitter this morning then you would have seen first-hand that Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers dominated following news and release of the trailer from their press conference at E3.
There was little information shared about The Avengers project for a whole two years! However, that secrecy was broken yesterday as fans finally got to see Marvel’s Avengers for the first time.

The Trailer “A Day” allowed us to see our favourite superheroes; Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor and Hulk! However, if you was expecting them to look like Marvel Cinematic Universe versions then you may be slightly disappointed – but that disappointment will not last long.

Who are the voice actors?

This actor is no stranger to voice acting and as a big name; Troy Baker, therefore it is only fitting that he plays a big character; Hulk. However, that’s not the only actor you should be excited to see! Also, making an appearance after starring in Walking Dead: The Game – Season 3 (2016) is Jeff Schine taking over the role of Captain America.

So who will take over as Thor, Black Widow, and Tony Stark?

The actor that will be voicing Thor has starred and is well recognized in over 150 different video game franchises! Quite the impressive portfolio from Travis Willingham. As for Black Widow; Laura Bailey, who is well known from her work on Spider-Man (2018), Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (2017) and Gears of War 4 (2016) is a great fit for this role.

Now, the big question for us was who could ever replace Robert Downey Jr and take over as the overconfident; Iron Man (can you tell Iron Man is our favourite?) the answer is; Nolan North. A worthy Iron Man, we think you will agree especially after his role in Uncharted as Nathan Drake, Desmond Miles from the Assassin Creed series and Edward Richtofen in the Call of Duty Series.

So, what can you expect from Square Enix; Marvel’s Avengers?

We were excited to see a few extra details that was announced during their conference about the title – such as;

• Single Player and Multiplayer Co-op
• No loot boxes and no pay to win
• Every new superhero and every new region will be delivered at no additional cost.
• A sneak peek of Hank Pym was revealed right at the end of the conference.

When will Marvel’s Avenger’s Launch?

There is still a little bit of a wait before the title releases, however, if you were lucky enough to go to E3 this year, then you will be able to get your hands on the game at Square Enix’s booth.
But if you are waiting for the release then you will be happy to learn that the launch date has been confirmed for; May 15th, 2020.

Your Thoughts

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