“Stay at Home and Play Games” Says WHO

The outbreak of COVID-19 has raised the importance, although very strange feeling of, Social distancing and self isolation. These phrases have become well known phrases for 2020, and the strange activity doesn’t end there.

With all of this “free” time that we now have on our hands, after homeschooling and working from home (of course), it is often hard to think of what to do next. Government instruction around the World, has restricted many people from going out in public and meeting up with their friends, the correct thing to do in these strange circumstances. However, it has led to a statement from the World Health Organisation (WHO), which goes against everything that our parents have told us for years. They are telling everyone to “Stay inside and play games!”

So it’s official, the governing body which advise on what is best for our health is telling us all to stay in and play games. They don’t have to tell us twice! Make sure you are staying home and only travel when essential, other than that take the WHO advice and press the power button.

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Added By: Stealth Gaming | Date Added: 26th Mar 2020

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