Stealth at EGX 2018

Another year has come and gone of prestigious gaming events and unfortunately so has EGX 2018! So, instead of being sad that it’s all over – we thought we would celebrate all the great games and announcements for everybody who wants to relive their visit and for those that weren’t able to attend this amazing gaming event.
This year, we were extremely fortunate to go to EGX and we loved every moment of it. From gaming announcements, playing great titles and meeting you guys – we were able to experience the very best of EGX and hear what you guys loved to play!

This is why we have conjured a list of the top 5 games that stole the show for us & you :

TOP 5 

1) Destiny 2: Forsaken

This online FPS was a definite hit with the streamers that we met, who was definitely impressed with the challenges that it offered. One streamer commented that they originally thought it was going to be extremely hard but was pleasantly surprised to find that the difficulty gradually increased which made it easier for them to play.
As for us, we were extremely impressed with the immersion that the game offered – from explosive story missions to the new locations that are presented to the gamers. We would certainly play this again!

2) Spider-Man

It’s hard not to put this in our review of EGX. Even though it has already been released it didn’t stop Marvel’s Spider-Man from being a top pick, everything about it is brilliant from the graphics, fights, and costumes.
We thoroughly enjoyed how amazingly fast-paced the missions are in this game. With cool features such as; tying the bad guys up and getting into a fist fight with numerous unique moves! And even though it is already released that didn’t stop the queues.

3) The Division 2

The hype around this third-person shooter game is well deserved with its great storytelling features, graphics, and wintery setting. Another spectacular feature is the commentary to guide you easily through the missions.


4) Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This game is just awe inspiring – which its finesse story and the development of Lara Crofts character, alongside the missions that you can lose yourself in for hours. The only thing that may act as a put off is that it’s quite difficult which is a great aspect for those that love a challenge!

5) Ultimate Super Smash Bros

It’s hard not to love Ultimate Super Smash Bros with its rich variety of characters, great action-packed fighting moves and the fact that its fantastic as a game for you and your friends to partake in! It was also brilliant to see the reaction and community feel that was established during the biggest UK gaming event of the year!

Your feedback

We love to hear what your best moments of EGX 2018 were so please let us know what your favourite aspect of EGX was via our Twitter or Facebook page!

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