STEALTH Gaming Quiz: Week 3

This time last week, the STEALTH team were on our way to Insomnia 64 on a crowded Bank Holiday train in the blistering heat, whilst trying to keep around 150 chocolate eggs from melting we spread the Easter joy on Sunday… Did you get a chocolate egg from our team? Did it reach you in a solid form?

So we have had a lot of feedback regarding the past 2 quizzes, the first one was too easy, the second one was too hard… well hopefully this be our Goldilocks and be JUUUSSTTTT RIIIIGHHTT. If you find it too easy, don’t forget to challenge your friends by sharing with the buttons below!

This weeks feature round is all around Pokemon, with the release of Detective Pikachu imminent, we want to know whether you have Basic Pokemon knowledge? Letss find out…


How did you do? Share below to let your friends know and spread the word!



Added By: Stealth Gaming | Date Added: 26th Apr 2019

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