CES 2020 at Las Vegas is fully underway and the hype was real for the rumoured reveal of the new SONY entertainment system the PS5. However, the purpose of the reveal was not what everyone was quite expecting.

Instead of a flashy new console with tonnes of new features and specs thrown at us, instead we were shown… the logo. A slight anti-climax to say the least, but it is a start point to “many new announcements to come in the months ahead” according to Jim Ryan, Sony PlayStation President.

So what does the new logo look like? Well, very similar to the PS4 logo as you would imagine, suggesting there is no radical re-branding about to happen for the world’s most anticipated console launch. Here’s a look at the new logo:

See what we mean? But let’s be honest, it was never going to change from the well known logo. Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

A slight bombshell landed at the end of the segment as the Sony PlayStation President stated the console will be focused on being able to “deliver unique  experiences  at unprecedented speed” which hints at the possible ease of PS5 game downloads – with some mention previously of games that would let players selectively download certain campaigns or modes from a purchased title.

We will have to keep our eyes open and ear to the ground for further announcements, but we will probably hear more at this years E3 expo in Los Angeles.


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