The Greatest Love Stories in Gaming

Love isn’t always easy… sometimes it can feel like a battlefield and this is no different with games. From Final Fantasy X to The Last of Us it is clear that chemistry is imperative to a good love story, for example;


Tidus and Yanu have shared one of the most iconic romantic love scenes that we have witnessed, as Tidus continues his fight against Sin to return back home. On his journey, he encounters Yuna when he is separated from the Al Bhed race due to an attack by Sin. As Yuna and Tidus embark on their journey naturally they form a romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, their romance cannot continue forever; as a Fayth reveals to Tidus that they would like him to find a way to permanently defeat Sin so that they are able to finally rest. However, this isn’t without consequence as the Fayth also informs him that the summoning of Dream Zanarkand (to bring peace) will cause all of the people – even Tidus – will disappear.

As they complete their quest; during the game’s ending, Yuna is separated from Tidas as he fades away. But before this; they do share a truly beautiful moment together in the woods, swimming in a moonlight lit lake.


While this title may have caused some controversy over the shared kiss between Ellie and Riley; you cannot say that you do not feel for these teenagers as they are faced with a continuous battle against the undead; aka Zombies.

These two do have a powerful connection with one another, again, proving that love is relentlessly heartbreaking sometimes – it ends with Riley’s death (Sorry for the spoilers!) but you can always take comfort that Riley cared immensely about Ellie, enough to choose to spend as many final moments with her as she could, which is a nice thought to hold on too.


We all know how it goes; the will they or won’t they scenario (which we have come to love, a great example would be Ross and Rachel on Friends) is no different in the Gaming world. However, just because we are rooting for the couple to sort their relationship out doesn’t mean that they necessarily will – for example with Elena and Drake; we do start to question whether or not they are really meant to be together, but that doesn’t prevent a lot of red flags from being raised.

But with Drake’s need for constant danger and adventure alongside Elena’s determination and harboring of bad feelings at the fact that Drake lies to her throughout the series about his whereabouts and danger streak; it seems like this couple will never be on the same page, but emotions and logic are two separate entities – supplying the audience with a clear, fierce and powerful love.


Who said chivalry was dead? We all know the basic; Princess gets captured and the love interest will save her. However far we move forward in society – where women rightly save themselves or sometimes save the guy from themselves, there is no denying that this traditional story deserves a mention as one of the greatest love stories in Gaming.


The bond between Max and Chloe is really strong and powerful; even though we never know the full extent of their relationship. It is a tragic story that will make your heart pull for them, as they share tragedy, trauma, love, and loss – the end of their story will definitely make you want to cry (trying to not give away any spoilers).

So as you can see the Gaming world does have its fair share of love stories; which has shown us how important connections are and how they shape you as a person. We all can relate to those wonderful moments that you share with another person and everything is at ease, where you can be yourself and feel loved for who you are. And unfortunately, we all experience those heartbreaking moments where you know that you can’t be together, no matter how much you want to be, or the feelings aren’t reciprocated or where the sacrifices seem endless that it ends up pulling you apart. Tragic we know, but ultimately it is a beautiful thing to be in love and love, which is proven by all of these love stories.

However, we hope that you have a fantastic, tragic free (life or death) Valentines Day – which you can share with that special person or the people that give you a reason to love life; that can be your friends, family or even community as a whole.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at STEALTH!

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