The Odyssey of a lifetime!

Can you believe it has only been a year since we were introduced to Assassins Creed Origins and now we are all waiting for this Friday to get our hands on Odyssey!

However, we know that some players may be sitting on the fence regarding whether or not to buy this game and how it compares to the series out so far, so here are ten reasons why you need to play this game:

1) The setting – 

Odyssey is set in Greece, 431 BC – and will be a prequel to Origins and relies on your own moral code as there is no Assassin code to play by, as no Assassins actually existed.

2) Character choice –

You are able to choose your own character – now you can play either as Kassandra or Alexios.

3) Emotional Connection –

A connection is made between you and the characters; as certain characters, you meet along the way will have different interactions with each Assassin.

4) It’s a full RPG –

Get ready for romance options, new abilities and the opportunity to shape the story and character with branching dialogue trees. The game itself actually relies more heavily on skill more than ever before.

5) War – 

Odyssey is set around the Peloponnesian war, a bloody battle that raged between the Athenians and the Spartans – where you should be able to choose a side in the conflict, helping either armies to regain control and take over Greece.

6) Conflict –

The conflict is intense with huge fights between two armies and some boss strength NPCs roaming the battlefield looking to kill you.

7) Sea all you can see! 

The Naval aspect – If you were a fan of the Naval components in Black Flag and Rogue then you will love the new features; where you’ll own a vessel to control and customise such as: changing aesthetical aspects, recruiting new crew members, as well as being able to upgrade the ships combat abilities throughout the game.

8) Being Present – 

The present-day still remains – but there is little information as to how! We know that it seems as if Layla Hassan will be returning, continuing her story where Origins left off!

9) Greek Mythology –

With the game being set in Ancient Greece it is great to hear that the myths will play a part, with Medusa making up the first civilisation part of the game. Jonathon Dumont shares that;

“The mythical creatures we’ve come to love are here, but not what we expect of them to be. It’s yet another example of how much Odyssey is playing with the franchise as much as the History, placing question marks instead of exclamation marks, giving us the power to interpret and make decisions about the world we’re playing with.”

10) Be Rogue –

This is an incredible part of the game in our opinion, where you have the choice as to what you want to do! The difference between Origins and Odyssey is that sailing is a full-time occupation. But once you have completed the mission that introduces you to Adrestia and its captain; Barnabas – then you are free to explore, like never before!

And that’s what is ultimately so different about this new edition of Assassins Creed than the others. Choice. There’s so much more of it proving that it really is an immersive RPG and proving that Ubisoft Quebec is listening to the consumers (you guys) and giving you what you want! More choice and freedom to explore the game!

So if that hasn’t convinced you that Assassins Creed Odyssey is definitely worth the gaming time – perhaps this will:


If you want to share with us what you has gotten you really excited about playing; Assassins Creed Odyssey then please let us know via our Twitter and / or Facebook page.


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