The Top 5 Reasons that Apex Legends is Appealing

There’s a Royale Battle going on between Apex Legends and Fortnite – with Apex clocking in an incredible 25 million players within a week, it is clear to see that it is a contender for the world known game of; Fortnite.
But have you ever wondered what makes the Game so good and appealing to the players? And how does it compare?

What makes it so good?

1) Free to Play

We all enjoy playing free games and that will never change – so when we found out that Apex Legends was free to play; then you can believe we had a huge smile on our faces.

2) Squad Gameplay

Unlike other Battle Royale games, there is no solo or duo mode. The game itself also works on different squad criteria compared to its competitors, with sizes of 3 instead of 4 which ultimately contributes to a smarter comms system that has helped numerous squads coordinate.
But that doesn’t mean that it will continue to stay at such a small size, the future looks pretty bright for Apex, with talks of larger squads becoming available. You can expect to see sizes of 6, 12, and even 24 players.

3) First Person

So this may be a feature that some players don’t particularly like in comparison to Fortnite, with Apex Legends you will only be able to see what is directly in front of you. Unlike, the third person that is featured with Fortnite; that allows you to see a fair distance of the camera and character, ultimately allowing the players to keep an eye on their surroundings.

4) Legends, not heroes.

Another big difference is what the EA Games title calls their characters, unlike Fortnite they are not ‘Heroes’ but they are ‘Legends’. Each game has its own special skills, characters, Strengths, and Weaknesses. But with Apex; you can choose your favourite character at the beginning of the game and they are not interchangeable like Fortnite.

5) Weapons, Loots and much more!

If you want a different style to Fortnite, then this is definitely the game for you! Yes, both games may include weapons and loots. But Apex Legends gives you more of Sci-Fi feel as it borrows weapons from Titanfall world. And includes colour coded ammo according to the weapons.
Those are the big 5 reasons why it is different, but ultimately, you have to see Fortnite as the foundation for all Battle Royale Games whilst setting a president for other Battle Royale featured games to follow. Ultimately, you can and will be able to consistently compare the two but as it stands the champion of Royales is Fortnite, with more weapons and players, it’s going to be a long while until Epic Games are kicked off their throne.


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