War Zone fans hear Wolves and there’s a theory of what it could be…

Gamers playing Call of Duty: Warzone are reporting that they have heard some very weird noises whilst playing the hit Battle Royale game. The noises are said to sound like a wolf’s howl, and can be found specifically in parts of the Verdansk map.

In addition to the underground bunkers that players have been finding, with the ever frustrating “Enter Code” and it does nothing at all, is this all linked to what is yet to come in the next (GIGANTIC) update from the game? This is where the hard drive of your console starts to sweat, because it can’t take another update.

Back to the noise, have a listen below, what do you think?

Now, you may not have heard this already as your super comfy, high quality audio gaming headset is full of bullets whizzing passed you and bullet cases hitting the floor. But from the video, you can definitely hear some excited canines and Gamers have their own view of what this could be.

Many think that this is an Easter egg, planted in the game to signify a big change is coming. The fact that this has just started, backs this theory up, as it could be a way of Infinity Ward giving a clue of what is to come.

The first theory is that this could be the developers hinting at the return of Zombies mode, but focused solely on the Verdansk map. This theory would be backed up by the noises, this gamer found when he was in the Prison, a sound of a ghostly type of figure could be linked to the return of Zombies. A big flaw in this however, is that it would not run with the existing line up, as it is usually Treyarch titles which feature this mode.

Our opinion? Well, if the underground bunkers are anything to go by, it suggests that there is going to be a whole new map after something big happening to the game. Something like when Fortnite revealed when the black hole appeared and BANG a new season started.

What about the wolves, we hear you cry? Well, we have thought about that too! How about, instead of the gas cloud closing in on your six, you have a pack of wolves chasing you down, maybe selecting those that are camping in the external areas first, before making their way to the last circle.

This is just a thought of course, and we would love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page. Do you agree with us or do you have your own theory? Let us know!

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