The Weekly STEALTH Gaming Quiz: WEEK 1



Hello and welcome to the very first installment of the weekly STEALTH Gaming Quiz!


What a week it’s been here at STEALTH HQ! After recovering from the week before at PAX EAST 2019, to a very stylish interpretation of the STEALTH XP-Hornet (Check it out on our Twitter Page) capped off with an Office Easter Egg Hunt to get our sugar fixes! But it’s not just been busy in the world of STEALTH, the gaming world in general has hit us with; Price rises, New releases and the ability to finally change our name… not legally, you can do that already!

Finally, Friday is here, and we are setting up for a full weekend of dominating the APEX landscape and getting ready for Game of Thrones Season 8! So to get us in the mood, we wanted to introduce the first of many weekly quizzes designed to give you your gaming fix and get into that competitive spirit before the weekend…

The set-up is simple: 

  • Questions 1-10 are general gaming knowledge questions of absolutely anything! From current news, classic games and legendary characters.
  • Questions 11-15 are specialized “Feature” questions. These will change each week, testing your knowledge on specialized subjects.

As it is the first installment, we have been nice and made the feature questions relatively easy… but be warned these will get harder as the weeks go by!

Anyway, if you’re the type of gamer who skips the cut scenes, you’re probably thinking let’s get on with it… So let’s get on with it!


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