Why It’s Good To Be A Gamer Right Now!

The Gaming industry has consistently changed over the years and it’s great to see! For example, Nintendo has come back strong with the Nintendo Switch after the disappointing Wii U sales – and even though the success of the Switch wasn’t foreseen, the console and company is still going from strength to strength with the recent launch of free-to-play Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Not to mention; the cross – play that is happening between Nintendo and Xbox! Which has been a great success for both companies and consoles. However, Xbox still has a way to go on the console war as it remains a distant second to Sony’s PlayStation 4 – but with the surprises that Microsoft are dishing out with; the multiple production studios that they are buying and a strong support with backwards compatibility, we expect to see a rise with the amount of consoles being bought.

As for PlayStation; a much loved console with players on the edge of their seats waiting for that BIG PS5 announcement; we have noticed they have been busy revolutionising the stories that are told via game titles. With big hits such as; God Of War, Detroit: Becoming Human and The Last of Us Part 2 – it is clear to see that the story lines and characters are more in depth and face bigger challenges often socially.

For example; The Last of Us Part 2 opened up at E3 with a lesbian story that clearly is incorporating LGBT issues – which we think is great! Also, it offers players a deeper connection with the titles.

This year alone has provided us with great gaming news, potential new consoles are being leaked left right and centre, collaborations are taking place and gamers are getting more of a say and having their opinions heard by the companies we all love; Sony – PlayStation, Microsoft – Xbox and Nintendo – Switch.

Added By: Stealth Gaming | Date Added: 20th Jul 2018

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