Winter is Coming : Call of Duty WW2 Winter Seige

As if the whole experience of war wasn’t hard enough, Winter’s best mate Jack Frost has paid you a visit! But that’s not the only thing that has arrived…

Winter is coming and it’s brought a few goodies with it

Yes, Call of Duty  WW2 Winter siege is here from tomorrow until January 2nd 2018. Winter Siege brings a new character, a new map and your chance to earn double XP points during the period of 8th December – 2nd January and there’s also a Winter car package which is the real hot gift this Christmas… Here’s the trailer! (Contains Strong Language and Violent Scenes)

In the Winter Seige, you will meet the new character and your new quartermaster Captain Butcher, A British Special Operations Officer who you’ll need to visit for limited-time weaponry and equipment. You’ll also have chance to gain 5 new weapons! By completing special missions, Winter Siege gives you the opportunity to extend your arsenal with limited time weapons such as; special variants of the GPMG LMG, the Sten SMG, and the Gewehr 43 Assault Rifle, as well as devastating melee weapons like the Trench Knife and Ice Pick.

There will be a limited time Game mode: Gun Game.  The classic Call of Duty game mode makes its return just for the Winter Siege event. This limited time mode is available in a 2XP playlist from 12/15 to 12/21, and as part of the Winter Carentan moshpit playlist from 12/29 to 1/2.

For the Calendar  breakdown of when you can earn your gear and full details of the Call of Duty WW2: Winter Siege event, visit  and keep a note of the dates.


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