Microsoft Has Finally Revealed Next Gen Console; SCARLETT

Woah, Microsoft set the bar HIGH at E3!

What a STRONG Start for E3 – not only was Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay footage and release date revealed by Cyber; Keanu Reeves none the less (which looks incredibly awesome) but (and here’s the biggest news from Microsoft – Xbox) there was also an announcement about the Next Gen console; SCARLETT.

The next gen is still undergoing its codename of SCARLETT; promising to “set a new bar for console power, speed, and performance” with custom hardware design by the same chip manufacturers that supplied technology for both the Xbox One and
PlayStation 4; AMD.

So, what makes Xbox Next Gen so special?

The promise of; Power and Speed as AMD’s latest Zen 2 Processing Unit will make the console four times more powerful than the Xbox One CPU as well as its newly – announced Radeon RDNA graphics architecture.

But that’s not all!

A lot of the qualities that we think make Xbox Next Gen so special is the sheer thought that has been put into it and into what Gamers want for their Next Gen consoles. Which includes shorter loading times, 8K Resolution and Cross-Platform Play to provide more choice.

How will they do this?

Microsoft have promised that SCARLETT will provide support for real-time hardware – accelerated ray tracing, as well as a graphics feature that allows highly authentic lighting and shadowing effects.

The console itself will use a high bandwidth GDDR6 System Memory to boost performance as well as 120 frames per second visuals.

When will it be released and with what game?

It looks like the wait for the Next Gen won’t be too long as the plan is to launch the console this year; 2020 in time for the Holidays. And that’s not all that you will be getting with the newest console – SCARLETT will be launched with Halo Infinite.

Even though there wasn’t really any gameplay footage for Halo Infinite, it doesn’t mean that there was no hype about it at E3 2019. 343 Industries; Halo Infinite – Discover Hope trailer definitely gave us all goosebumps. It is definitely an exciting time to be a Gamer.


Why is Halo Infinite releasing with Xbox: SCARLETT?

A release alongside Xbox has definitely been an opportunity previously missed since 2001 with the franchise as the original Halo: Combat Evolved, which was the only game from 343 Industries that launched alongside the original Xbox.

The next few years saw the release of Halo 2 (2004) which was just prior to the launch of the Xbox 360 (2005) and then there was Halo 3 (2007) that came out quite a while (six years) before the Xbox One (2013) and then there was Halo 5 that launched 2 years into the Xbox One’s lifecycle.

So, as you can see Halo hasn’t been launched a title with the Xbox since back in 2001! Showing that it is long overdue!

What are your thoughts?

We also love to hear what Gamers think about E3 so far and what your thoughts are on Xbox Next Gen; SCARLETT announcement. So, don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on our Facebook and / or Twitter.

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