Xbox is swallowing the competition WHOLE!

The battle between Xbox and PlayStation continues as the next-gen consoles rumours intensify, especially as news travelled this week that Microsoft plans to release not one but multiple NEW next gens (potentially) in 2020, with codenames ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Lockhart’ are revealed.
However, it should be noted that the consoles are only rumours at this point and will be similar to the current Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Nevertheless, what we found really interesting was the fact that Microsoft seems to have recognised and accustomed their next consoles to every gamer – in turn, Xbox is swallowing the competition WHOLE!

So, what can you look forward too?


Scarlett Pro (Anaconda) – This is the follow up to the Xbox One X and will set a huge benchmark for console gaming. And looks to definitely be 4K and 60FPS. So far, we believe this will be of the mid-price range.
Scarlett Arcade (Lockhart) – This is looking to be the next – generation version of the Xbox One S, which means it is going to be SO powerful! It will have the same strong multimedia capabilities, but it won’t have the same processing power and graphical aspects that the Scarlett Pro has. We reckon this will be high price range.
Maverick – This console is focused primarily on streaming and rumoured to be released potentially next year and will not have an optical disc drive. This console is being designed to run the next edition of Microsoft’s cloud platform. It’s also believed to be cheaper than both Anaconda and Lockhart.

What about the PS5?

This could all mean trouble for the PlayStation 5 which is believed (again rumoured) to be released in 2020. So far, PlayStation has smashed their sales compared to Microsoft’s Xbox and still continues to be the reigning champion with impressive exclusives such as; God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Spider-Man.
However, it is possible that this could all change next year, with Phil Spencer taking the lead for Xbox and Microsoft – listening to what Gamers want, PlayStation sales could slip, especially since they have just cancelled numerous events including E3 2019 due to a lack of new releases and content.
Speaking of Phil Spencer, we think it’s only fair to highlight some of the amazing projects that he has initiated since his take over from Don Mattrick. Under Phil’s reigns, we have seen backward compatibility, Xbox One X, Game Pass and Microsoft’s brilliant plans regarding making streaming easier and buying new internal studios.
But we also believe that the PlayStation 5 will have its own fanbase. And it will still be producing exclusives that we have come to know and love.

Here are some of the rumoured features that we can hope for with the PS5: 

Backwards compatibility
• PSN changes i.e. download speed and becoming more digital.
• V – sync – smoother combat and less screen tearing.
• Universal Crossplay
• Improved Graphics and NEW BD-XL Discs


(Please note that the above video is NOT an official trailer of the PS5 release, features and / or specs – it has been added into this blog for entertainment purposes) 

It is clear to see that Xbox and PlayStation are going to come to a head regarding there next gen, which means we should expect a very eventful 2019 / 2020. We would like to know which team you believe are going to be taking the most sales next year via our Facebook and/or Twitter.

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