Get Ready for Battle with STEALTH XP Cruiser – Multi-format Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset

Are you getting ready for the Battle of your life and need a headset that will equip you with the very best comms? 

Then make sure you look at our NEWEST EDITION to our wireless range; The XP Cruiser Wireless. This powerfully breath-taking Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset is designed with the inspiration of military uniform of previous wars; with 40 mm Speaker Drivers that are integrated within breathable mesh ear-cups so that you can hear your enemies before they are able to advance on you!

Perfect for any Terrain

Whatever your Battlefield, you will be ready for victory with this MUST HAVE Gaming Headset that gives you the competitive edge with multi – format compatibility with the Xbox One*, PlayStation 4 and PC.


Take control with our integrated volume control with a Mic Mute feature AND a Flexible as well as removable Mic that will leave your enemies in the ditch as you expertly command your squadron into the fight of all your lives to guarantee a successful mission, with crisp, clear communication.

The Softest Touch

When it comes to aesthetics, the XP Cruiser Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset aids Gamers as they complete their extremely important duty to win, with an incredible battery life that will withstand those long hours, with up to 15 hours of play. This powerful rechargeable battery, will inform you when it is running low by providing a flashing Blue LED Light.

Once placed on charge you will see a solid Red LED light appear via the headset and transmitter, but don’t worry you don’t have to wait too long to play again! Once it is full charged you will see this light disappear, recharging takes approx. 5 hours, giving you the best gaming experience possible.

However, that’s not all that we have done to improve your game-play; we have also included a soft pad foam, with an adjustable headband that has breathable mesh ear cushions to ensure that you are comfortable during those long nights and missions with your comrades.

We have designed this headset to truly set you above the rest of your gamer friends by including a fresh camouflage skin that will immerse you in Battle. Featuring LED lights that will signal charge, pair and play functions, so that you are never caught unaware again.


So what’s the distance range that you can achieve Wirelessly?

Experience freedom like never before with Wireless Connectivity, with up to 10m range connection distance. Allowing you to move as you wish without getting tangled in wires, giving you a sense of space, comfort and independence that other wired headsets cannot provide.

If you are fed up with unraveling your headsets and want to feel this liberty then this is definitely the headset for you.


When can I buy this spectacular Headset?

It is now available to order online and in-store at Argos for an amazing price of £59.99! But hurry and buy it NOW before all the stock goes!

Extra Information

  • For XBOX ONE USERS, our XP Cruiser Wireless functions as a Wireless headset when you listen to Music/Game sound. However; when you wish to use it to chat then you will need to use the 3.5mm Jack Cable to connect the headset to the controller which is included in the packaging. 

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