Your reactions to E3!

E3 is purely for you guys, the fans. So we thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of the reactions so far that Youtubers have recorded about the biggest, most anticipated gaming event of the year.

These are the reactions are that of the trailer releases over the past two days – therefore there will be a mixture of games. Just to let you all know that some of the reactions may contain adult language and content.

So, lets get started;

Devil May Cry 5 

Here are Easy Allies Reactions to the big reveal:

E3 Crowd Reaction

Bunny Girl

Fallout 76 

GeekGirl World 


E3 Showcase World Premiere 

Battlefield V 

Beasty Reacts

Tyrone Magnus 

Jen TCC 

The Elder Scrolls VI 




Forza Horizon 4 



GeekGirl World 

Keep checking up with us to see more powerful reactions to the biggest titles that have made their presence known on that immense E3 stage!

Feel welcome to let us know what your reaction was via our Facebook and Twitter page – we hope you all enjoy the Sony press conference tonight at 2 am; we will see you there.

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