Welcome to the STEALTH multi-format range! Made up of 9 individually unique gaming headsets, each of these headsets deliver the power you need to immerse yourself into your gaming, whatever your platform. From battlefields to race courses, STEALTH headsets give you the competitive edge to help you to victory.

The STEALTH XP-Range was the first multi-format range released by STEALTH, with design and performance based on the most technologically advanced STEALTH fighter jets the world has ever seen, the XP-Series takes your gaming to new heights.

Stereo gaming headsets include the XP-Hornet, a robust lightweight headset with extendable headband and breathable mesh cushioning for the ultimate comfort resulting in extended gaming time. The XP-Raptor is the latest stereo gaming headset unleashed from the XP-Series, 40mm speaker drivers embedded into comfort fitted ear cushions mean that everything is covered from power to comfort, allowing you to focus on succeeding the mission.

The wireless stereo gaming headset, the STEALTH XP-Nighthawk, based on the most feared fighter jet in the sky – the limitless wireless design allows complete freedom meaning no distractions, complete focus making you the most feared player on any platform. Other releases include the STEALTH Mono Chat models; the XP-Viper and XP-Black Widow, each individually unique, both offer clear and crisp communication between you and your team so that everyone knows exactly what they need to do!

Introducing the latest collection from the STEALTH multi format range, the XP-Camo Series. The new XP-Camo Series offers three individually powerful gaming headsets with unique camouflage designs inspired by important vehicles used in battle over the last century. Versatility and communication are key elements to succeeding in war – The Cruiser, The Warrior and The Conqueror deliver powerful audio, clear communications and can be used on a number of consoles and PC. Finished off in a Premium Soft Touch coating, these headsets feel every bit as good as they look and more importantly sound even better.

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STEALTH Gaming Accessories – The Competitive Edge.

*All our headsets are compatible with Xbox One Wireless Controllers by using CTIA Standard Jack Cables*

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