The STEALTH Nintendo Switch™ range has it all! Launched alongside the record breaking selling console. Designed with; comfort, performance and party play in mind, the Nintendo Switch™ range from STEALTH has everything from the Starter Pack to the Racing Wheel to ensure protection and party play on the go.

Getting started with you Nintendo Switch™

The Nintendo Switch™ Starter Pack gives you everything you need for your Switch™ journey to begin. immerse yourself in your gaming on the go with full stereo sound; on the train, a plane or in the car, don’t let external noise affect your gaming with the stereo earphones included. Protect your Switch™ with the screen protector and cloth to keep your screen clear for high quality graphics to shine. Store your Nintendo Switch™ in the neoprene slip case to complete the Nintendo Switch™ Starter Kit.

Take Control of your Nintendo Switch™

Take full control of your gaming with the Nintendo Switch™ Joy-Con™ Wheel Pair. Perfect for the chart topping Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe, the Nintendo Switch™ Joy-Con™ Wheel Pair gives you two racing wheels designed for comfort, control and countless hours of fun with your friends. Each Nintendo Switch™ Racing wheel  is *25% larger than the official Nintendo Switch™ Racing Wheel, meaning it gives you a smoother ride and is more comfortable to hold whilst maneuvering through the mayhem in Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe.

A Tough Shell To Keep Your Switch™ Safe

Introducing the STEALTH EVA Carry Case, a Nintendo Switch protective Case. A secure zip fasten and tough outer shell provides high quality protection for your Nintendo Switch™ Console on the go. A soft cotton lining on the inside of the tough shell ensures the screen of your Switch™ doesn’t get scratched and the game storage compartments can hold up to 4 games for more gaming choice on the go.


Q: Does the Joy-Con Quad Charging Dock plug into the mains?

A: The Joy-Con Quad Charging Dock has a USB connection, this can be plugged into either the Nintendo Switch Dock, mains (using USB to mains adapter) or other power sources with USB connection.

Q:Are the Joy-Cons included with the Quad Charger?

A: No, this is only the charging dock. The image provides is for presentation purposes only.

Q: Are the game cases included in the Nintendo Switch Starter Pack?

A: Yes, the case holds up to 4 cartridges and are included with the Nintendo Switch Starter Pack, along with screen protector, earphones, cleaning cloth and the case itself.

Q: How big are the Nintendo Switch Wheel Double Pack?

A: The Nintendo Switch Wheel Double Pack measures at W: 16 cm H: 14.5 cm D: 3.5 cm per wheel – This is approximately 25% larger than the official Nintendo Switch Racing wheel.

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