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Whether you’re looking for a Virtual Reality Headset to view the latest videos and shows from around the World or a VR Gaming headset to immerse yourself in the best games that are around, STEALTH VR™ has you covered.

STEALTH VR™ is a division of STEALTH which is devoted entirely to Virtual Reality (VR) and VR gaming headsets. Designed for comfort and immersive content, the STEALTH VR™ range of headsets give the perfect platform to put you straight into the action.

Each STEALTH VR™ headset is perfect for immersing yourself into your gaming. Whether your gaming style is Action, Puzzle or Sports, each headset is specifically designed to provide comfort for longer hours of gaming enjoyment.

Create your own Virtual Reality Video

The STEALTH VR™ 360° Virtual Reality Action Pack gives you the tools to shoot/view/share your story in full 360° VR. The STEALTH VR™ 360º Camera shoots in full 2K High Definition, recording the finer details of each memory. Take pictures in both 360 Degrees and 220º Wide lens panoramic, whatever life throws at you, make sure you catch the perfect angle.

The Camera Mounting Kit lets you experience life without worrying about how to capture it all on film. Each component is designed to allow the 360° VR camera to fix into place, whilst you move freely in the world.

Experience each moment like it was the first time, the STEALTH VR100 Virtual Reality Headset takes you back to where it all began. Watch your story first hand from the 360° VR Camera to the STEALTH VR100 headset, immersing you into the heart of the action all over again.

The STEALTH VR™ brand is a registered trademark under ABP Technology Ltd.


Q: How do I know if my phone is compatible? 

A: If you phone has the gyro-sensor, your phone is ready for Virtual Reality. A full list of compatible devices can be found on if you are still unsure! We recommend a phone size for 4-6 inches for the best  Virtual Reality experience.

Q: Can you use this with your PC?

A: The STEALTH VR™ range of headsets are for use with smartphones and iPod touch 6th Generation only.

Q: Is it suitable for Kids?

A: We recommend children should be 11 years and over, when using this product for long periods of time.

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