Prepare to immerse yourself into your gaming like never before!

Each STEALTH Gaming headset supplies clear sound and responsive chat for you to maintain important communication with your clan to ensure for success in every mission. Designed for use with the XBOX ONE™, XBOX 360™ and latest launch from the XBOX™ range the XBOX ONE X™ which launched November 2017.

The STEALTH SX-01 Stereo Gaming Headset  is a 5 star XBOX ONE gaming headset, in the eyes of customers from retailers such as Argos and TESCO. This highly rated STEALTH Gaming Headset is designed for casual and competitive gaming on the XBOX ONE™ but is also compatible with XBOX 360™ and the XBOX ONE X which is on course to be released in November 2017. The inline volume control enables you to change the volume of the game and chat sound simultaneously so you can hear everything crystal clear through the 40mm Speaker Drivers set in comfortable leatherette ear cushions.

The most recent additions to the SX-Series, these headsets were designed for use with the XBOX ONE X™ are the STEALTH SX – Elite  and the STEALTH SX-Pro.  Both of these headsets are designed for use with the XBOX ONE™. Both of these headsets are also designed for use with the XBOX ONE X™, which launched in November 2017,and provide clear, crisp game sound as well as responsive chat. These can also be used as XBOX ONE headsets and used with the XBOX 360 due to the same connection type of a 3.5mm jack port (not a USB connection). Headsets with USB connection can be connected with an adapter, where the 3.5mm jack can be inputted.

Each game is different and we understand that your headset can affect your experience with the game. The STEALTH brand designs all of its products with high quality and comfort in mind, so that you can focus on your gaming and nothing else.


Q: Will I need an adapter for this Headset?

A: If you have an XBOX ONE released prior to April 2015 and has the older USB connection, you will need an adapter for your STEALTH Gaming Headset to work. All of our Gaming Headsets have the 3.5mm connection type, which can be used for XBOX ONE controllers post April 2015, XBOX ONE S and XBOX ONE X consoles.

Q:  Is the headset Wired or Wireless?

A: All of our SX-Series headset are currently wired gaming headsets. This will not limit your movement, as the each SX Series gaming headset connects to the controller, which is most commonly wireless.

Q: Do these headsets work with XBOX 360?

A: With an adapter, each of the gaming headsets will work on the XBOX 360 and older version of the XBOX ONE . This is due to the connection type.

Q: Does the headset come with an adapter?

A: Our gaming headsets don’t come with an adapter, however these can be bought from retailers such as Argos.

Q: What side does the speaker sit on the SX-02 Mono Chat Headset?

A: The speaker sits on the left side, which is also the same side as the mic.

Q: What is the difference between the Mono Chat and Stereo Gaming Headsets?

A: The difference is mainly the sound that comes through the gaming headset. The Mono Chat headset is Chat only, so you will be able to use your headset to chat to your friends online, however you won’t hear any game sound coming through the headsets (this will come through the TV instead.) The Stereo Gaming Headset allows all sound to come through the headset, chat to your friends and hear the game audio through powerful and clear speakers to enhance your gaming experience.

Q: Are the microphones detachable on all models?

A: The detachable mic. option is only applicable on the STEALTH SX-Pro and the STEALTH SX-ELITE. The models of the STEALTH SX-01 and SX-02 have the flexible mic. boom fixed into place. All models have flexible mics.

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