Excellent Gaming Headsets for XBOX ONE™

STEALTH have a full range of Gaming headsets for XBOX ONE™, this also includes the alternative versions of the Microsoft console; the XBOX ONE™ S and the highly powered XBOX ONE™ X. Each STEALTH headset features a 3.5mm Jack connection, compatible with the XBOX ONE controller* functionality and available in two colours, in line with the design of the iconic console.

Introducing the STEALTH SX-Series

The STEALTH SX-Series includes 6 gaming headsets for XBOX ONE™, with the Chat only versions; the classic SX-02 Mono Chat Gaming Headset which is now available in White and Green, the SX-02 WHT (ideal for the XBOX ONE™ S) and the lightweight SX-CHAT which is the latest model to be released.

The other models in the STEALTH SX-Series  are stereo gaming headsets, meaning both game sound and chat audio can be heard through the headset. The SX-01 stereo gaming headset is the most popular STEALTH gaming headset for XBOX ONE™, which is now available in an alternative colour with the SX-01 WHT. The STEALTH SX-Elite stereo gaming headset is designed for the ultimate XBOX ONE gamer, with a premium finish, removable mic. and soft MESH padding long this will take your gaming to a whole new level!

Extend your XBOX Gaming Time with the SX-Series Charging Solutions from STEALTH!

Introducing the latest additions to the STEALTH SX-Series. Don’t let your controller dictate when it’s time to stop gaming with the full range of 2 in 1 Premium Charging Solutions designed for the XBOX ONE. You have the power to choose whether you want to charging overnight using the Twin or Single Charging Docks in a stylish abstract design or if you forget to charge, don’t worry! Each STEALTH charging solution includes a premium braided cable which you can use to Play AND Charge, meaning you dictate when it’s time to stop.

Available in both Black or White, to fit seamlessly with your XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE S and XBOX ONE X console.


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*3.5mm jack connection for XBOX ONE Controllers manufactured after April 2015 – controllers made before this may need a separate adapter.*

*All our headsets are compatible with Xbox One Wireless Controllers by using CTIA Standard Jack Cables*

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