Shortly after the release of the much-awaited fan favourite NBA 2K22, some gamers around the world have reported difficulty in playing the game, with the application immediately booting players off shortly after loading.

An issue seemingly only affecting Xbox Series X and Series S players.

The cause of the issue seems to be rooted within the game’s menu, which appears to be causing the crash and in turn, booting players off the game as a whole.

Players have reportedly found a quick 3-step work-around to the issue:

1. Load NBA 2K22
2. Select ‘My Career’ from the main menu of the game
3. Continuously spam and press the ‘up’ button on the D-Pad.

This is said to stop the menu from loading any further; at which point players will be directly taken to the Park Arena. It’s reported that once this has been done, the rest of the game will function as normal.

According to research, there’s currently no patch release to officially fix this bug as the game’s developers over at Visual Concepts have yet to acknowledge this problem – with it occurring so early on following the game’s recent release.

We’ll keep this article updated once there’s any more news regarding an official fix from the developers.

Posted on 9th Sep 2022 by Natasha

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